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One of the trial subjects photographed before
The 12-week study.

H istorically, opinions on the efficacy of skin-health supplements have been mixed, with questions raised over their absorbability, ingredient quality and how their purported results can be measured. This is why it’s particularly interesting that UK collagen supplement brand Ingenious Beauty has become the first (according to the brand) to carry out independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials, and pass.

The brand’s Ultimate Collagen supplement was the subject of the trials, containing 627mg of a superior-grade, low-molecular weight marine collagen peptide to help smooth and repair skin structure and support healthy hair and nails; 200mg of hyaluronic acid complex, and 4mg of astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant to help boost the immune system, protect the skin from UV damage and aid muscle repair. The capsule itself is a 100% natural cellulose enteric capsule to protect the ingredients from the stomach’s destructive juices and dissolve in the small intestine for maximum absorption.

 The trial, undertaken by dermatological testing organisation Cutest Systems, involved 116 women aged 30 to 60 of various skin types. Half were given three Ingenious Beauty capsules to take daily (the recommended dose), while half received a placebo. Each subject was photographed twice (12 weeks apart) without make-up using a Canfield Visia II under controlled conditions. Prior to this they were placed in a room with clinically-controlled temperature, humidity and lighting for 30 minutes to ensure consistent and accurate results. The images were analysed for facial appearance, fine lines and wrinkles, skin hydration and skin elasticity.

After 12 weeks, 98% of the cohort taking Ingenious Beauty experienced a significant improvement to the quality of their skin in at least one of the clinical measures. Fine lines and wrinkles (determined using Visia’s image-analysis software) were reduced in over three quarters of the group, at an average reduction of 26%. In terms of skin hydration (measured using a Corneometer), nearly two thirds showed improved average levels of 30%; and over half of the group showed improvements in skin elasticity (measured with a Cutometer) at an average of 34%.

“Our data clearly show that regular use of the Ingenious Beauty product produces significant improvements in several aspects of skin condition and that the benefits are visible to others,” said Stewart Long, chief executive of Cutest Systems.

Ingenious Beauty can be stocked by medical practices and aesthetic clinics.

This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine