Prevention is better than CURE |

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Prevention is better than CURE

How Endospheres offers a preventative option for younger patients wanting to stop wrinkles in their tracks

Wrinkles are small furrows in the skin’s structure, created by many factors, including genetics, the environment, movement, lifestyle and sun damage. But whether they are wrinkles from ageing or mimicry, they are inevitable.

We know that prevention is the best choice because it allows us to delay and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in a non-invasive way and by our physiognomy, rather than having to act more aggressively without the certainty that the problem will be resolved.

Around 30% of people begin to take care of their skin between the ages of 20 and 29, although for about one in four women, the first wrinkle appears around age 30.

Endospheres is a patented method based on scientific studies carried out by Italian universities. This technology can be applied both to the body and face.

On the body, Endospheres acts precisely on the triggering causes of cellulite and to remodel the silhouette. On the face, it works by eliminating expression lines, acting directly on wrinkles. At the same time, oxygenation increases and the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated.

For younger patients, the Endospheres facial treatment is a recommended solution. Endospheres is a mechanical treatment that, thanks to the action of a handpiece with gel spheres, acts on the dermis, reaching down to the muscle. 

The treatment follows a precise scientific protocol and feels pleasant for the patient. Its actions, from decontraction to drainage, tissue and muscle toning to microcirculation stimulation, create results that nourish and stimulate the skin to stay young.

The Endospheres treatment decontracts over contracted muscle, increases oxygenated vasculature, detoxifies tissue, increases the amount of water and collagen, increases temperature, promotes the creation of new collagen, slows down the alteration of musculocutaneous structural and relaxes and tones tissues.

In addition to the Endospheres Face, there is EVA, which involves the integration of two other handpieces, the M.A.S, to carry out mechanical exfoliation and smooth the tissue, and the V.E.V, which allows deep nourishment, thanks to the delivery of specific active ingredients.

EVA is a technological protocol for complete facial rejuvenation. It can be used even at a young age because it is non-invasive and collateral-free, respects physiognomy and acts during the corrective phase when wrinkles have disappeared.

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This article appears in September 2022

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September 2022
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Prevention is better than CURE
How Endospheres offers a preventative option for younger patients wanting to stop wrinkles in their tracks
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