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Polish natural and organic skincare brand DermaOrganic recently launched in the UK, bringing with it its Active Treatment which combines “highly concentrated” active ingredients with transdermalporation technology. A non-invasive, results-driven facial, the treatment uses the Dermation machine combined with Organic Series topical products to improve a range of common skin concerns and generally rejuvenate the skin. The six-stage treatment involves a digital skin analysis, deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation to begin, followed by the “active phase” – a cocktail of up to 70ml of tailored ingredients is delivered into the skin via the transdermalporation handpiece, rich in actives, peptides and extracts valuable to the skin’s health. Next, a stimulating facial massage is performed followed by the application of a thick algae mask. Tailored skincare finishes the treatment.


I had my Active Treatment at the brand’s first and flagship clinic in the UK, Marlen Visage in Ealing, West London. My facialist Patrycja Gawlik is DermaOrganic’s trainer in the UK, and she started by asking about my skin concerns – oiliness, blackheads, a dull tone and increasingly prominent nasolabial lines. Rather than focusing on adding lots of hydration, as she would for an older skin, Patrycja instead decided to perform the Instant Skin Rejuvenation variant of the treatment, designed to refresh dull skin, reduce fine lines and improve overall skin texture and appearance.

For the transdermalporation phase – which exposes the skin to high electric field pulses to allow active molecules to optimally penetrate the skin barrier – she chose the Advanced Revital and Moisturising Cocktails, including Matrixyl, a vegetable botanical mix and Dermaflux, which contains urea, yeast amino acids, trehalose, inositol, taurine and betaine. Transdermalporation felt much like a galvanic current –a little strange but completely comfortable – and requires the client to wear a damp, sticky conductor pad on their back.

Patrycja then performed one of the best facial massages I’ve ever had, with massage moves aimed at reducing facial tension and manually lifting the skin. Next followed the algae mask which sat on my skin for around 10 minutes while I relaxed. She then finished by applying products from the Organic Series line that she chose for my skin’s needs. Some products in the range carry percentages of actives as high as 35% to 68%, the majority are vegan and all packaging is certified by ECOCERT.


For such an enjoyable and relaxing treatment, I was genuinely shocked at how improved my skin looked immediately afterwards. The tone was lighter, texture more even and my nasolabial lines had all but disappeared. Patrycja warned me that my oily skin may feel a little heavy for the rest of the day, but I actually didn’t notice this at all. The DermaOrganic Active Treatment would be a great option for clinics wishing to work with more “clean” or eco-friendly products while still giving patients instant, noticeable results. The treatment would be a great way to improve skin health for optimal results from patients’ potentially more invasive procedures, and would be a nice, relaxing break every now and again from harsher treatments.

This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine