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Institut Biochimique SA (IBSA), is a pharmaceutical company founded in Switzerland in 1945. It operates in over 80 countries and five continents and has 20 subsidiaries located in Europe, China and the US.

IBSA Derma is the division of IBSA dedicated to aesthetic medicine, and as a company it ranks among the global leaders in hyaluronic acid products.

IBSA’s research and development activities are focused on cuttingedge technologies, developing innovative delivery systems that are more functional to the real needs of practitioners and patients. In terms of aesthetic medicine, IBSA has developed an innovative therapeutic approach which is based on patented technology and distinct product quality.

Scientific knowledge, continuous research, technological development and modern production processes make IBSA one of today’s leading pharmaceutical companies in the production of hyaluronic acid for use in aesthetic medicine. IBSA’s hyaluronic acid has a high level of purity –“ultrapure” – and it is made following a patented biofermentation process to preserve and enhance natural hyaluronic acid properties.

All formulations require the use of hyaluronic acid chains in high-low molecular weight, working through the surrounding tissues, offering a high cohesiveness that facilitates integration in the tissues.

IBSA Derma wants to establish itself as a pioneer of a new approach to aesthetic medicine, promoting an idea of authentic beauty reflecting the uniqueness of the individual. The objective and ultimate goal, which the division promotes and supports with its products and treatments, is a genuine improvement of skin quality. The IBSA Derma approach is in fact aimed at counteracting the physiological decrease of hyaluronic acid in the tissues, restoring hydration, elasticity and tone.

HA-Derma has had the exclusive rights to distribute the IBSA Derma aesthetic portfolio within the UK and Ireland since 2015. As a distributor, it has direct access to the manufacturer and first-hand knowledge of the products, including the latest updates to treatment protocols, evidence-based data, and innovations.

The education focus is on the four pillars of the IBSA Derma portfolio: prevention, correction, volumisation and regeneration. These represent four different modalities of hyaluronic acid injectables; dermal fillers, mesotherapy solutions, skinboosters and bio-remodelling product Profhilo. The aim is to help practitioners to navigate through the growing offering of skin injectable products.

Profhilo is the hyaluronic acid injectable product based on NAHYCO® technology. The NAHYCO® Hybrid technology is the innovative IBSA technology that uses a patented thermal binding process to link chains of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights. The result is a hybrid stable co-operative hyaluronic acid formula. This technology allows hyaluronic acid to stay longer in tissues at higher concentrations, with no impact on its handling and safety.

For more information about IBSA Derma products, training or ordering, visit, email or telephone (+44) 020 8455 4896

This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine