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Combined Approach

Treatment combination is broad in its scope because there are so many treatments to choose from in the ever-expanding aesthetics market. By combining treatments we are able to create pathways to achieve desired outcomes and superior results for our patients.

Due to the high effectiveness of combination therapy over individual procedures, the global aesthetics combination therapy market is expected to grow in popularity and is estimated to continue to rise in value. The major factors that are augmenting the growth of the market are increased adoption of minimally invasive and non-invasive process, growing demand for aesthetic treatment among men, a rise in the ageing population, the growing awareness of cosmetics procedures, and the availability of user-friendly aesthetic devices.

As the name suggests, at The Laser and Skin Clinics we are all about technology and skin health. Our ethos has always been to be results-driven and patient-focused at the same time as providing innovative and quality treatments. I have always invested in new technology to be at the cutting edge in aesthetics and therefore combining treatments was a natural progression for me from the start.

I wanted to treat and prevent all of the signs of ageing on the face and body in the most efficient and effective way possible. To achieve this, multiple tools were needed. Combining the use of all injectables (whether that be dermal fillers, bio-stimulators or hydroboosters) with technology such as Ultherapy® ultrasound, radiofrequency, lasers, IPL or LED and proven topical cosmeceuticals, allows me to create a 360° approach to maintaining long-term skin health and has, above all, given me loyal, happy patients.

From starting out in one room to growing the business into three award-winning clinic locations and a team of 30 staff over 15 years, I can honestly say combination in all areas of aesthetics has been the key to my success.


With such a diverse range of patients in my clinics, it was important for me to cover all concerns through our treatment menu. I knew that combining the best, most innovative technologies available on the market gave us the ability to achieve superior results, regardless of age.

Because this is an important part of our ethos, we spend time educating our patients so they understand the importance of the combination approach and the limitations of some treatments when used alone. It’s all about what a bespoke treatment plan can do for them and how utilising the right treatments together can provide superior results.


At first, the idea of investing in new and innovative technology can be daunting, however, if you believe in what you’re doing and you want to achieve more for your patients, you need to look at diversifying. To stand out among your competitors in such a saturated market, it’s imperative to provide a unique and varied service.

The margins on devices can be up to 60 to 90%, compared to other less cost-effective or low-profit treatments, so it is a worthy financial investment for your business. In a market where supply and demand are both high, retaining patients can be a challenge. Competing on price alone is not viable. Having a diverse and technologically-advanced treatment menu will guarantee to attract patients, but your ability to utilise the menu and achieve results will spawn devotion.

Skin tightening is the number one request from my patients and, to meet the demand for this, I invested in Ultherapy®, as it is the gold standard for lifting and tightening skin.

The signs of an ageing face are a combined effect of skin laxity and loss of volume. Although tissue tightening can offer firmness to the skin, the process fails to correct the loss of volume in the perioral region. This can be achieved by adding dermal filler. This means that, when I combine Ultherapy® with the Merz range of dermal fillers (Belotero® and Radiesse®), the results are superior and, in my view, the next best thing to surgery.


Having the best combination of technologies is vital, alongside educating your team. This includes every point of contact on the customer journey from the front desk to aftercare. Investment in education and training and the support of companies is integral to the success and the growth of your business.

To operate and expand an aesthetics clinic takes commitment, hard work and team effort from all positions in the business. Communication across our team has been a fundamental part of my success. When all team members understand the vision of the business and what you want for your patients’ journeys, you can achieve huge milestones.

I understand that outstanding service drives brand loyalty. Not only does it create a strong intent to return, but it also encourages patient referrals and recommendations to family and friends. To have a five-star service with a competitive edge, we know that patient service doesn’t start and end with a wide range of treatments and highly-skilled staff. It’s the overall customer experience from their first point of contact right through to treatment, aftercare and follow-up that creates a unique experience for our patients. In addition, focusing on your patients’ longterm journeys with treatment and skincare plans tailored to an individual patient’s needs creates results and high satisfaction.

By providing such a comprehensive range of treatments and advanced skincare, we have the ability to provide solutions to clients for a variety of skin concerns without needing to refer them to another clinic. However, success doesn’t always relate to having an extensive list of treatments on your menu. It’s also about being selective and offering only the best, most advanced and safest technologies and products on the market that are proven to be effective.

The knowledge and expertise of how best to combine treatments allows us to take a more innovative approach, understanding that the treatment journey is unique to each patient and that the same treatment or product may not produce the same outcome every time.

With many years of experience in aesthetics, the importance of bespoke combination treatment packages has become apparent. We have learned how different treatments and products combined can complement each other to achieve optimal results and maintain these in the long term. With a wide range of information available to patients online, they have a tendency to research extensively before even attending a consultation, with safety, quality, results and reputation being valued higher than price. Therefore, the combination approach is appreciated and highlights the expertise and skillset of the clinic, compared to a narrower offering from a competitor.

Having a varied choice of diverse, nonsurgical treatments has helped The Laser and Skin Clinic to become a “one-stop shop” that can offer solutions to an array of skin concerns.

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This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine