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Miss Rachna Murthy and Professor Jonathan Roos, the duo behind oculoplastic specialist treatment provider FaceRestoration, have a new home at Lanserhof at the Arts Club (LHTAC) on Dover Street in London, with a comprehensive menu of exclusive, holistic eye treatments.

Lanserhof’s UK outpost opened at private members’ club The Arts Club in 2019, and aims to help clients lead a more vital and energetic life with its approach to a healthier lifestyle which combines medical and fitness services, offering “unparalleled” levels of expertise, research and support for clients to achieve long-term optimum health, with a specific focus on preventative medicine, state-of-the-art medical diagnostics and highly developed training methods. The facility aims to deliver all elements of care to clients under one roof, with in-house MRI, ultrasound, blood work, personal training, orthopaedics and nutritional expertise, as well as dermatology and cardiology departments within the location.

The Lounge at LHATAC

Miss Murthy and Professor Roos explain that they chose LHTAC for FaceRestoration because, “LHTAC is a clinic focused on its members and clients at a deeper level, not just a business trying to maximise turn around and profit. It provides a setting and clientele who are looking for a meaningful, positive change in their lives. This includes longevity, happiness and health. One part of that improved quality of life is aesthetics.”

A menu of six bespoke treatment packages that treat the face as a whole as well as the eyes are available to both members and nonmembers of LHTAC, some of which combine non-surgical and surgical interventions. FaceRestoration at the LHTAC currently provides only non-surgical procedures in house – in addition to assessments and consultations for the surgical procedures, headache assessments and eye screenings – as there is no theatre space at the Dover Street site. Surgeries organised through LHTAC will instead be undertaken at OneWelbeck, No 25 Harley Street and the Weymouth Street Hospital.


• VerifEyes –A complete ocular health check focused on determining causes of common eye conditions, including 3D Vectra imaging, Visia skin analysis and mole mapping

• RevitalEyes – 1ml of Profhilo or botulinum toxin to rejuvenate periocular and lower facial features, as well as 3D Vectra imaging, Visia skin analysis and post-procedure skincare

• BeautifEyes – 3ml Juvederm HA filler and botulinum toxin injected according to the desired results, as well as 3D Vectra imaging, Visia skin analysis and postprocedure skin and eye care

• MesmerEyes – 5ml HA filler and botulinum toxin to lift and reduce the appearance of tear troughs, marionette lines and to define the jawline, as well as 3D Vectra imaging, Visia skin analysis and post-procedure skin and eye care

• HarmonEyes – 7ml of HA filler and botulinum toxin for pan-facial restoration to enhance and balance, boost collagen and lift, as well as 3D Vectra imaging, Visia skin analysis and post-procedure skin and eye care

• PersonalEyes –A combination of nonsurgical and surgical approaches for panfacial restoration following consultation. Options for under eye bags, dark circles, hooded lids and brows, submental fat dissolving, male jawline enhancement, nonsurgical rhinoplasty, treatment for excessive sweating, collagen-stimulating injectables and medical-grade skincare.

Miss Rachna Murthy
Professor Jonathan Roos


This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine