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T he lips play a key role in the aesthetics of the face, with lip fullness, hydration and definition associated with attractiveness and youth. 1 Ageing as well as lifestyle and genetic factors contribute to shrinkage of lip tissue, visible fine rhytids and loss of lip border distinction; and studies suggest that these features may impact quality of life and sense of wellbeing.2

Patients are increasingly seeking options to enhance the lips and help address this ageing process, with both surgical and non-surgical treatments available. 3 Injections of HA dermal fillers are the most common treatment to augment the lip tissues, owing to their minimally invasive nature, reversibility and non-immunogenic properties.4

Since the approval of the first non-animal based HA dermal filler in 2004, numerous publications have demonstrated HA dermal fillers to be effective and safe in restoring lip fullness, addressing lip asymmetry, improving rhytids and augmenting lip shape. 3

HA dermal lip fillers have considerably increased in popularity over the last decade and lip augmentation with dermal lip fillers is currently recognised as among the most common indications for dermal fillers. 2

VIVACY, an established manufacturer of facial dermal fillers with an extensive product range, has recently released STYLAGE® Lips Plus, a new filler specifically designed for volume augmentation and contouring in or around the lip mucosa.

STYLAGE® Lips Plus is a 20mg/g HA dermal filler that uses patented, monophasic, cross-linked and interpenetrated hyaluronic acid networks to provide unique viscoelastic characteristics. 6 These characteristics are clinically sought-after, enabling the product to be responsive to mechanical pressures while providing structural support, effective lift capacity and increased longevity as well as reducing the risk of the filler aggregation and migration. 6

STYLAGE® Lips Plus also benefits from a patented injection system, namely Bi-soft® injection technology. 7 This describes an innovative syringe made of polycarbonate and a thermoplastic elastomer with a soft-touch surface and optimised centre of gravity that helps practitioners achieve greater precision while reducing the sensation of injection pressure.

At the Dr Tatiana Clinic, we have found STYLAGE® Lips Plus to be particularly effective for patients seeking vertical lip lift, definition and increased volume while maintaining a natural aesthetic and longevity of result. It joins the STYLAGE® portfolio alongside Special Lips.


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For more information visit vivacy.com, email contact@vivacylab.co.uk or call (+44) 0 203 928 9302


This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the November/December 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine