Aesthetic Medicine - January 2024

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Welcome to the January issue of Aesthetic Medicine MagazineThis month, our theme lies at the very foundation of aesthetic medicine – 'skin.'
Meet the expertsMeet our editorial advisory board
Hot off the pressThe latest industry news
Ouch-erWhat is the real cost of discounted treatments?
Out and AboutHighlights from the industry social calendar
Trend Spotlight: Lemon BottleExperts advise on trending lipolysis treatment ‘Lemon Bottle’
In Dublin’s Fair CityHighlights from our Irish event
Blazing a trailEditorial assistant Erin Leybourne visits Ailesbury Clinic Dublin
Shining a lightDr Ifeoma Ejikeme on brightening ingredient hydroquinone
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentationHow can you advise patients with darker skin tones about home-care
The evolution of aesthetic advancement: A review of PDO threads in medical aestheticsDr Antonios Petrou-Amerikanos shares the evolution of the treatment
The art of communicationMr Arturo Almeida discusses the importance of communication skills
Small but mightyWhat does the skin microbiome do and how can you help patients look after theirs?
Be yourselfHow important are personalised treatments?
Education, not trainingAngela Brennan looks at the different purposes and outcomes of the terms
Q-Tips on.. navigating the fine lineDr Usman Qureshi looks at complications and malpractice
A decade of successDr Leah Totton shares her career journey as a woman in aesthetic medicine
Product NewsThe latest product launches
High-tech facials: SQT Bio MicroneedlingKezia Parkins reviews SQT Bio Microneedling
Treatment review: Botulinum toxin for hyperhidrosisCan hyperhidrosis treatment really work?
The power of printFive reasons why print marketing remains a potent tool for business
Understanding the changes to UK holiday lawsNick Babbington explains how the updates may affect your business
Navigating risk in cosmetic proceduresInsurance insights for practitioners
Ask Alex‘How do I market new skincare products in my clinic?’
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