Industry elite come together for Aesthetic Medicine North |

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Industry elite come together for Aesthetic Medicine North

Aesthetic Medicine North returned to Manchester Central on September 25-26, 2022, bringing together the biggest names in the aesthetics sector to demonstrate the latest products and discuss emerging trends

This year, Aesthetic Medicine North ran alongside the Professional Beauty North show and the combined events attracted 9,883 visitors, including more than 1,000 dedicated aesthetic professionals.

“The show has been really good, very busy, we’ve had some really good-quality leads coming through so we will be back next year,” said headline sponsor Hydraalfacial’s marketing director Darren Wood. “We’ve had an absolutely great time.

“Having the Professional Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine shows running alongside one another worked really well for us. To be candid, I was sceptical as we’re more of an aesthetic brand, but we saw some great people crossing over from the Professional Beauty side of the show at the higher end of the market, so all in all, we’re really pleased; it’s been very good quality this year.”

“There is such diversity and you can learn so much, it’s absolutely brilliant.”


The networking lounge was buzzing as the event’s app allowed visitors to chat and arrange meetings in advance, to discuss the hot topics of the conference and their takeaways from sessions in the clinical conference.

“It was my great, great pleasure to present at AM North here in Manchester,” said Yorkshire Skin Centre’s multi-award-winning Dr Raj Thethi, after his impactful presentation on recent fads in aesthetic medicine and surgery. “It’s great to be able to represent our industry up in the North, compared to just in the South, as some other conferences do.

“I’m super passionate about this place. I love the way we brought lots of different specialities and special interests together. There are loads of exhibitors and being paired with Professional Beauty brought together all aspects of our industry. It’s been a great conference!”


Important talks and discussions, like award-winning patient safety campaigner Dawn Knight’s roundtable alongside the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA), allowed the industry to talk about ethics, protecting themselves and patients, and the impact licensing will have on their business.

“It’s important to recognise the vibrant aesthetic community outside of London and Aesthetic Medicine North went some way to achieving this,” said Mark Moloney, managing director of Professional Beauty Group. “An audience of over 1,000 dedicated aesthetic professionals is really encouraging and the team and I intend to keep developing our events to deliver even more training networking opportunities in 2023.”

Karen Harrison from Team Gene Skin’s takeaway point from the event was the amazing speakers: “There is such diversity and you can learn so much, it’s absolutely brilliant.

“It’s my first time and I certainly will be coming back!”

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Industry elite come together for Aesthetic Medicine North
Aesthetic Medicine North returned to Manchester Central on September 25-26, 2022, bringing together the biggest names in the aesthetics sector to demonstrate the latest products and discuss emerging trends
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