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Tailoring and targeting treatments is a must for results-focused aesthetic clinics. The Focus Dual device from Lynton offers practitioners the versatility to choose from both noninsulated and insulated needle tips, to deliver radiofrequency energy to the skin layers. This includes deeper skin layers, where the treatment is most beneficial for the overall lifting, firming, and tightening.

Alongside the flexibility to select non-insulated and insulated needles, the amount of radiofrequency energy released is also customisable, and the needle delivery depth is adjustable to the target area, ranging from 0.5mm-3.55mm.

This uncompromised versatility allows for the desired energy to be placed in both the superficial and deep dermis for exceptional results, providing practitioners with the ability to address a huge range of aesthetic concerns for all skin types.

One feature unique to the Focus Dual is vacuum suction technology, which allows for the ultra-fine 0.16mm non-insulated needles or 0.25mm insulated needles to be smoothly, safely, and effectively delivered to the target area for optimal results, enhancing patient comfort and safety by reducing unnecessary damage to the epidermis.


Insulated microneedles have a layer of insulation around them, allowing the heat to be emitted only from the end tip, heating just the lower layers of the skin and so protecting the epidermis. This allows for safer treatments for darker skin types (Fitzpatrick IV-VI), who are at higher risk of hyperpigmentation post-treatment.

Energy is delivered to the target area with Focus Dual

The insulated needle tip allows for more versatility when treating concerns such as skin laxity as heat can be focused more within the dermis, while the epidermis is spared.

Non-insulated microneedles emit radiofrequency energy over their entire surface area, allowing both the upper and lower layers of the skin to be heated all at once. This means heat is generated along the full length of the needles, giving a better thermal effect without the need for multiple passes at different depths. Non-insulated needles can provide patients with better results due to the increased heating they apply to multiple layers of the skin at once (from the stratum corneum down to the dermis).

Non-insulated needles are also believed to reduce pinpoint bleeding because you achieve effective coagulation throughout the dermal portion of the needle, reducing the risk of infection post-treatment, as small capillaries in the upper layers of skin are sealed in this heating process.

With Focus Dual, you now have the versatility to customise the needle to the patient’s skin type and concern.

Focus Dual is available exclusively in the UK from Lynton

This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine