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Demos and symposiums

Our Live Demo Theatre and Sponsored Symposiums offer you a chance to take part in free education across the two days at Aesthetic Medicine Live. Open to all visitors, this is where exhibitors showcase and demonstrate their latest treatments, products and services.


After a hugely popular launch in 2021, our Demo Theatre will be back, giving you a chance to watch brands perform the treatments your clients will be asking about this year and give you all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. See talks from Cutera, Erchonia Lasers, Aesthetic Technology, Lynton,

Inmode, Energist, BTL, Venus Concept, Hydrafacial and Waking Beauty.


11amLive demo beyond RF microneedling: The next evolution in skin resurfacing Mr Kambiz Golchin (Cutera)

Synopsis: Join renowned facial plastic surgeon, Mr Kambiz Golchin, as he discusses the advantages of combining two state-of-the-art energy sources: CO2 Laser for skin resurfacing and RF microneedling for deep dermal remodelling to deliver the ultimate combination for low-downtime advanced skin rejuvenation procedures.

12pmNon-thermal laser: Using your own fat to get your health back – Dr Erik Reis and Dr Natalie Geary (Erchonia Lasers)

Synopsis: What if we could find a way of using our own fat to get our health and wellness back, as well as create a more sculpted body for our patients? What if this was via an advanced type of laser?

The Emerald Non-Thermal Laser is of great benefit in maintaining good health as well as providing a clinically proven, effective alternative to body sculpting and 360 degree fat loss. This presentation looks at how and why this modality is also essential in health and wellness.

2pmTreating ‘SkinXiety’: Reaching new levels of skin luminosity – Dr Uliana Gout (Lynton)

Synopsis: Dr Uliana Gout coined the term ‘SkinXiety’ in 2021 to highlight the widespread anxiety surrounding appearance and skin quality during the last two years of the Covid pandemic and it has since gone global. Join Dr Gout to hear how she is combining advanced topical and energy based technologies for luminous skin that requires #no filter!

4pmChanging the face of Aesthetic Medicine – Dr Raj Thethi (Energist)

Synopsis: An educational presentation covering the science, use and advantages of Nitrogen Plasma Skin Regeneration over traditional and other plasma technologies.

Dr Raj Thethi’s presentation will include a live demonstration and his personal experience of using NeoGen Plasma at his clinic.


12 PMVenus Bliss™ multipolar RF and laser technology for body contouring – Dr Diogo P Forjaz (Venus Concept)

Synopsis: Venus Bliss™ is a safe, noninvasive solution for fat reduction and body contouring. This innovative device combines two effective and highly demanded technologies: diode laser through four applicators and (MP)2 technology that combines multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields with the help of Varipulse® technology.

3pmPost treatment you’ve recommended your client sleeps on their back, how achievable is this? – Dr Sara Samari (Waking Beauty)

Synopsis: Dr Sara Samari discusses how the supine sleep position can be achieved and maintained to support post-operative healing and ensure the restful sleep required for recovery.

The Demo Theatre is free to attend. Simply register for the show at register.


New for 2022 our sponsored symposiums give you an in-depth up close and personal look at the leading brands on the market as they invite you to attend intimate sessions focussed on the treatments and products that will be leading the way in 2022.


10.30amThe new PicoSure Pro: Introducing the only Picosecond laser FDAcleared to remove melasma pigment, nevus of Ota and Hori’s nevus in all skin types – Dr Asif Hussein (Cynosure)

Synopsis: Learn more about the new Picosecond Technology device which is FDA-cleared for melasma pigment, nevus of Ota and Hori’s nevus. The PicoSure Pro provides comparable treatment results vs. more aggressive lasers, with less pain and no downtime. Come and find out how you can effectively treat pigmentation in all skin types with Dr Asif Hussein.

12pmAutologous Dermal Filler for Natural Skin Rejuvenation with Volumisation – Mr Ansar Mahmood (Medira)

Synopsis: A presentation outlining the extended release of platelet derived growth factors using the slow reabsorption properties of denatured plasmatic proteins, will be followed by a demonstration of the product preparation and treatment on a live model. One side of the model’s face will be treated as part of the workshop to allow comparison to the contralateral untreated side. At the end of the workshop the clinician will complete the treatment after completion of the Q&A segment.


10.30amBuild a stronger aesthetic business, faster – Dr Askari Townshend (Collums)

Synopsis: Join Dr Askari Townshend for to discover the most important ideas he has taken from his experience in different aesthetic businesses and the best decisions he has made to build his award-winning clinic ASKINOLOGY (and the worst!). Dr Askari will share practical, real-world tips and insight into what it takes to grow a strong aesthetic business based on over 15 years’ experience with a focus on building efficient processes and how the challenges of this led him to start a new business to disrupt the world of clinic software.

12pmAdressing rosacea with a unique LBO-generated 532nm wavelength – Dr Anna Hemming (Cutera)

Synopsis: Dr Anna Hemming shares her expertise for safely and effectively treating difficult to treat Rosacea using Cutera’s vascular workhorse, excel V+.

The programme will also feature Hydrafacial, BTL, Columns, Gelida Medica and Castle House Medical who will be doing a Fotona – LIVE demo: Featuring the nonablative laser 5D facelift and unique body sculpting with Dr Tanja Phillips.

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This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine