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Reimagining RF microneedling

Cynosure’s newest innovation Potenza takes microneedling to the next level. This revolutionary system offers the world’s first four-mode RF microneedling device – monopolar, bipolar, 1 and 2 MHz to provide both superficial and deep treatments in one system.

“As the first microneedling system that combines monopolar and bipolar RF at 1 and 2 MHz frequencies, Potenza stands out for its versatility and ability to easily customise treatments,” says Dr Scott Horsburgh, GP partner at Smart Clinics Annerley. “By being able to target multiple levels, it allows us to treat both superficially and deep in one treatment, enabling us to target a wide variety of skin concerns.

The ability to adjust the settings between monopolar, bipolar, and between 1 and 2 MHz, as well as the speed of the needle penetration, allows us to control the device for precision treatment.”


Potenza’s four modes offer more customised microneedling treatments for patients than ever before and allow practitioners to deliver both shallow and deep treatments on a single system.

The device’s monopolar RF mode delivers energy across a large area of tissue for deep heating and skin tightening through soft tissue coagulation, not only on the face but anywhere on the body.

The bipolar RF mode offers more concentrated delivery of energy to treat superficial tissue and provide ideal skin revitalisation results. “With Potenza, patients across various age groups and skin concerns can now have more effective, targeted treatment,” says Dr Horsburgh.

“The monopolar RF mode allows for deeper treatments, resulting in skin tightening and lifting. We typically use this mode for skin laxity improvement, jawline contouring, acne treatment through the disruption of sebaceous gland oil production, and body treatments on areas such as the abdomen where skin laxity requires deeper coagulation of tissue to achieve an improvement,” he explains.

“The bipolar RF mode offers more superficial delivery of energy for skin resurfacing and acne scars. Skin quality is enhanced via neocollegenesis, and rosacea is improved through the coagulation of superficial vessels. We are also seeing some pigmentary resolution with this mode.”


The ground-breaking device is equipped with Tiger Tip™ technology, the first semiinsulated needles of its kind, which allows practitioners to expand thetreatment zone and address more tissue per treatment. This translates to quicker sessions for patients, without sacrificing the epidermis.

”‘Potenza’s Tiger Tip™ (semi-insulated needle), is unique to this device and enables RF energy to be released at two points along the needle,” explains Dr Horsburgh.

“Resembling the stripes on a tiger’s tail, the needles are insulated to protect the epidermis but have two stripes of exposed uninsulated needle, allowing the heat from the RF energy to affect two different depths in the skin. This means we can deliver a twopass treatment in just one pass, where you would otherwise need to change the needle depth to affect a second layer of skin – this is a first for RF microneedling.”

The Tiger Tip needles offer 16,25 and 49 needle densities with an adjustable depth of 0.5mm –4.0mm. Potenza is also equipped with single insulated needles to precisely target and improve blemishes, offered at depths of 0.08mm, 0.12mmand 0.15mm.

“With Potenza™, patients across various age groups and skin concerns can now have more effective, targeted treatment.”


Before and after 3 treatments Courtesy of J. H. Yoon, MD., Korea, Yonseifams clinic

Dr Horsburgh says his patients are seeing results after just one treatment. “We are seeing both a lifting of the skin and tissues and overlying skin tightening. Normally we would expect three to four treatments to see these types of results,” he says. “Needless to say, our patients are very happy with the early results and we find itis great motivator for them to continue with the treatments.”

Importantly for patients, Potenza’s impressive results are associated with minimal downtime. “Because of the fractional nature of the treatment, we are finding that patients have some swelling and redness but this settles down quite quickly and they can return to normal activities the next day. For treatment on the body, it can take a few days to return to normal but this does not stop patients carrying out their normal activities.

“Potenza is rapidly accepted by patients and it offers a good ROI ,making it a profitable addition to any cosmetic practice.

I recommend it to my patients for its ability to treat their most pressing skin concerns, i.e. skin laxity and skin rejuvenation. It is also useful in helping to manage acne and rosacea, which is a common complaint in my patient group,” Dr Horsburgh concludes.

Potenza: setting a new standard

• Four different RF modes: Monopolar, bipolar, 1 and 2 MHz capabilities

• Unique Tiger Tip™ needle technology treats more tissue at multiple depths

• Single-needle hand piece used to precisely target and improve blemishes

• Nine different tips, multi-needle arrays in various densities

• Suitable all skin types, anywhere on the body, anytime of the year

Deliver an air of confidence

Potenza’s Fusion Tip is a dual-air chamber design that captures and releases air towards the skin with each pulse, enhancing the penetration of topicals into the skin by giving them an extra “push”.

For more information on how to add Potenza to your practice, contact

Originally published in Aesthetic Medical Practitioner Magazine #26 (Australia).

This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine