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Say hello to the PROFHILO ® BODY KIT

PROFHILO® BODY KIT, which was commended at the Aesthetic Awards 2022 for Product Innovation of the Year, is the latest development from IBSA Derma specifically designed to provide a complete solution for treating skin laxity on the body.

Natural ageing, photo-damage, and fluctuations in weight can all have an impact on skin quality on the body, resulting in sagging skin that has lost elasticity and firmness, often impacting a patient’s confidence to wear clothes that reveal these areas, particularly common with the upper arms in women.


The drive to develop the PROFHILO® BODY KIT came from both practitioners who wanted to offer their patients non-invasive solutions for their bodies and demand from existing PROFHILO® patients who were looking to treat laxity in areas beyond their face and neck. Based on their expertise in the production of novel hyaluronic acid (HA) based products with their award-winning PROFHILO®, IBSA Derma has created a bespoke kit and protocol to address the increased demand for body treatments.

Dr Alex Parys from SONÜ Medical Aesthetics noted, “Patients recognise and trust the PROFHILO® name, and over the last few years, we have seen the demand for PROFHILO® treatments extend beyond the face to the neck, décolletage and even parts of the body such as arms, knees, and abdomen. The PROFHILO® BODY KIT offers a complete treatment for patients to maximise results.”


Clinically formulated to improve hydration and elasticity, the BODY KIT protocol involves two sessions with PROFHILO® BODY (2 x 3ml), spaced a month apart, injected across 10 points according to the BODY BAP technique, with two stencils provided in each kit for ease of marking. PROFHILO® BODY is characterised by high and low molecular weight stable cooperative hybrid complexes of high concentration ultrapure hyaluronic acid, made using a unique, innovative, and patented thermal production process with NAHYCO® Technology, and is particularly recommended for the brachial area and abdomen.

The protocol concludes with posttreatment application of PROFHILO® FIGURA Body Patches enriched with high and low molecular weight HA, salvia haenkei, arnica montana, and pineapple extract, intended to soothe and moisturise the skin; alongside home use of FIGURA Body Cream, a multi-active modelling and firming cream containing high and low molecular weight HA and Matrixyl® 3000 that restores tone and elasticity whilst deeply moisturising.

Study data shows increased skin hydration (+42%), elasticity (R2 +6% and R5 +9%) and an improvement in skin firmness (52%) at 28 days following the start of treatment.

“The launch of PROFHILO® BODY complements the energy-based body device treatments we offer as skin laxity often requires addressing after body sculpting treatments”, said Dr Preema Vig from Dr Preema London Clinic. “I was delighted to be invited to generate case studies as part of the launch of the new PROFHILO® BODY and have been able to treat a selection of patients with excellent treatment outcomes.

The inclusion of the post injectable in-clinic sheet mask and home-use topical body cream creates a regime for patients between their treatments. It maximises the results –especially on dryer and thinner skin areas”.

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This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine