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When it comes to device-based treatments, skin rejuvenation and hair removal are procedures that are in demand and ones that patients come back for time and again. Non-invasive, effective and impactful devices that offer short treatment times with no downtime or discomfort have become the gold standard, so it is no surprise device manufacturers are always seeking to improve and upgrade their tech.

Lumenis has done just that with the launch of its next-generation hair removal and skin treatment device to the UK market. Splendor X is an advanced, CE cleared, safe and effective device for hair removal, vascular treatments, pigmented lesions, and the treatment of wrinkles.

The device is powered by BLEND X technology –a binary laser emission of Nd:YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) wavelengths with synchronised and adjustable proportions, enabling practitioners to customise and tailor treatments to fit the patient’s specific skin type, hair colour and thickness for the most effective treatment.

Designed for use on all Fitzpatrick Skin Types (I to VI), this advanced system can target virtually any area of the body, including face, bikini line, legs, arms, stomach and underarms. Although results can vary between individuals, on average, individuals see up to an 80% reduction in hair growth after six to eight treatments, with maintenance required one to two times a year.


A powerful piece of equipment, at 250W output power, it provides rapid coverage rate combining high fluence, large spot size and high repetition rate.

Square spot size

The square spot size provides fast and uniform coverage of the treatment area, and with larger spots penetrating deeper, there’s no overlap, less risk of burns and no retouching missed areas. This means patients can be treated quickly and accurately (within 30 minutes for the whole body) for their skin type, benefitting patients in terms of time and practitioners in terms of both time and Return On Investment (ROI).

Ergonomic handpiece with Dual Cooling System and Integrated Plume Extractor

An advanced ergonomic handpiece boasts a Dual Cooling System (DCS) with combined Cryo-Touch and Cryo-Air that is designed with patient comfort and safety at the forefront. The Cryo-Tip is designed to deliver cold air precisely above the treatment area, actively removing heat from tissues. An integrated plume extractor and HEPA filter provide a smoke-free environment and remove toxic air particles, contributing to its high standard of patient safety. The handpiece is connected using a spheric connector that makes the handpiece easier to move without fighting against a rigid connection that turns the hose into a lever.

Remote service software and longer lamp life

Splendor X ensures a greater return on investment in a shorter time due to a longer lamp life, no consumables and remote service capabilities. Its Self-Lamp-Replacement means that laser flash lamps can be replaced by practitioners in just seconds, meaning that there’s no need for a technician without any system downtime. In addition, remote service connectivity advanced service software allows certified engineers to troubleshoot, calibrate and upgrade the system remotely, increasing uptime.

Laure Boisseux, associate marketing director, Lumenis Aesthetic EMEA, comments, “As with all our products, the launch of Splendor X brings the next generation in hair removal to the UK and truly expands our offering in this category. The Blend X technology is like nothing else currently available in the UK market. It allows our partners to create completely customisable treatments for their patients with the reassurance of Lumenis’ commitment to quality and innovation that they have come to expect. Our ground-breaking products have redefined medical treatments and have set numerous technological and clinical gold standards across the globe – Splendor X is no different. It is truly remarkable.”

Introducing the Lumenis Splendor X to our clinic has transformed our laser hair removal offering and allows us to carry out treatments more quickly and effectively

Dr Gabriella Birley of The Doctor Clinic says, “Introducing the Lumenis Splendor X to our clinic has transformed our laser hair removal offering and allows us to carry out treatments more quickly and effectively, but with the high levels of standards and safety that are associated with a Lumenis system. We have a large patient demographic, and Splendor X allows us to treat patients across all skin types. Blend X technology using Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths can be synchronised to fire independently or simultaneously. We have found that this gives a quicker rate of hair loss between sessions. The proof has been in our patients’ reactions to the system. They are extremely well informed when it comes to hair removal and have been delighted with the enhanced results that Splendor X has given them.

This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine