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Investing in people and patients

Like all industries, aesthetic clinics aren’t immune to the employment challenges currently facing UK business owners. Multiple lockdowns, Brexit and clinic closures mean it’s an employee’s market in 2022. And whether you’re a small clinic or a bigger team, it’s now more important than ever to invest in your people as much as your patients.

The HydraFacial Company believes that talent retention starts with education. Known globally as a market leader in skin health, the business has announced the launch of CONNECT, a new three-step training programme for aesthetic professionals.

Industry agnostic with levels suitable for new and established aesthetic professionals, the CONNECT curriculum is designed to provide accredited, ongoing education and assessment. It includes content from partners including Murad, Alastin, Sente and Hydropeptide.

CONNECT benefits are twofold. Participants get to join a strong peer network -founded on mentoring and skills-based education -to develop their industry knowledge and business acumen. In turn, graduates leave with best-practice training to help their employers better leverage HydraFacial treatments in-clinic for increased patient satisfaction and sales.

“We recognise the important role that the aesthetician plays in driving the success of an aesthetic business”, comments Deborah Rodriguez, Chief Talent and Training Officer for The HydraFacial Company. “CONNECT is designed to empower aesthetic professionals to develop their own skills and make them even more valuable to employers”.

Lauren Gibson, Country Manager for UK and Ireland, adds, “Over recent years, there has been a trend of staff moving from clinic to clinic in rapid succession, never really fully learning the job or honing their skills. Clinics suffer because when staff move around frequently, they don’t establish meaningful client relationships or become really proficient at delivering treatments. CONNECT is our way of helping clinics nurture and invest in talent whilst keeping an eye on the bottom line”.


“This is the only program that offers such a broad range of beauty, aesthetic, skincare and business information for industry professionals, clinic owners and team members.”

“I feel as an aesthetician we never stop learning, and the industry is always changing. CONNECT is so much more than a beauty course, it really takes you to the next level in your career.”

Over the past several years, HydraFacial has significantly invested in its educational programs and made access to these resources even easier. Eight international ‘experience centres’ will soon be joined by a new London flagship, offering UK providers a place to connect in person.

CONNECT is a self-paced online learning programme designed to develop the knowledge and skills of aesthetic professionals.

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This article appears in the March 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine