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AM North 2021

HA–Derma | Stand D14

As exclusive distributor of IBSA Italia’s HA-based injectable products, Headline Sponsor HA-Derma will be exhibiting brands Aliaxin, Profhilo and Viscoderm. The products aim to preserve and enhance the natural characteristics of hyaluronic acid in the skin, utilising hyaluronic acid chains with different molecular weights that perform different actions in the surrounding tissue.

Cosmeditech | Stand C18

Visit Cosmeditech to find out about its range of devices suitable for several procedures, including laser hair removal, cryolipolysis, tattoo removal, vascular lesions, and facial rejuvenation. Visitors can also learn about the supplier’s in-house technical support, clinical training, and marketing.

Moisturising Solutions | Mesoestetic | Stand B12

Gold Sponsor Mesoestetic will be launching its new Moisturising Solutions skincare line at the show. The range comprises of four moisturising products to suit all skin types, provide optimal levels of hydration and enhance skin function. The products also contain antioxidant and antipollution ingredients for additional protection.

320 and 520x | Observ | Stand B1

Observ Skin Analysis will be launching two new machines to the UK. Observ 320 and Observ 520x follow the principles of the Observ 520 while adding several new features and technology upgrades. The Integrated Reporting Package means clinicians can now highlight on clients’ pictures where skin concerns are, recommend treatments and products and convert a consultation into a treatment plan.

Stratum 1500 and SkinTyte II | Cambridge Stratum| Stand C8

Cambridge Stratum has a special AM North show offer package of the Stratum 1550 non-ablative scanning fibre laser plus the SkinTyte II 3D multiline HIFU. The SkinTyte II provides effective skin tightening while the Stratum 1550 uses nonsequential scanning to non-ablatively resurface the skin and reduce wrinkles. Visitors can get both plus a market-leading three-year warranty for £29,000 or from £638/month.

Medira | Stand D19

Medira will be showcasing its Cellenis PRP for multiple aesthetic and medical indications, giving visitors an opportunity to learn about the system’s properties. The brand will also be previewing the Cellenis PRP Scaffold, which has the ability to separate anabolic blood components from undesirable catabolic granulocytes and to increase platelet count per microlitre to optimum levels.

Skinade | Stand C3

Skinade will showcase its alternative approach to skincare at the show. The scientifically-formulated nutraceutical drinks deliver essential micronutrients in liquid form and help to rebuild the skin’s collagen matrix, combatting the signs of ageing and improving tone, texture, hydration, smoothing furrow lines and enhancing skin suppleness.

The National Medical Weight Loss Programme | Stand C28

The NMWLP provides training courses and support to those beginning to offer private weight-loss services. The online courses are CPD and SCOPE accredited, offered exclusively to registered health professionals in the medical management of overweight and obesity.

Clinical PhotoPro | Stand A23

Clinical PhotoPro offers a simple pointand-shoot solution with your mobile phone or tablet, for studio-quality clinic photography. This year sees the launch of the new-and-improved system which incorporates a laser guide for improved accuracy to keep the patient and camera distance consistent, solving the problem of your images being of different sizes. Come and experience it for yourself with your own mobile phone.

Roseway Labs | Stand D20

Compounding pharmacy Roseway Labs offers prescribers and patients expert knowledge, service and innovation across dermatology, hair loss, hormones, thyroid, and gut health. Visitors can find out how to offer subscription skincare and haircare services through Roseway Labs.

Evolve and Evoke | InMode | Stand B13

Aesthetic devices brand InMode will showcase two of its latest launches at AM North; Evolve, for hands-free body remodelling; and Evoke, for hands-free facial remodelling. Visitors can also find out about the new Burst technology update to the Morpheus8 device and 40-pin body tips that allow for treatments on the body.

Inspire to Outstand | Stand C26

Visitors considering registration with any of the healthcare regulators in the UK or preparing for a rating inspection should speak to the Inspire to Outstand team of healthcare-regulation consultants who focus on aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. The company offers an individualised service which delivers successful outcomes, having supported over 90 businesses with CQC compliance.

HydraFacial UK | Stand B24

Visit the HydraFacial stand to find out about how the non-invasive device uses patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate. HydraFacial uses boosters and enhancements like LEDs to create bespoke treatments and solutions for a range of skin concerns.

L’Aesthetic | Stand A22

L’Aesthetic specialises in bringing innovative products to the UK market from around the world, and will be showcasing its range of PRP, mesotherapy and microneedling products. It has PRP kits for skin rejuvenation including PRP+HA, with a non-crosslinked HA formulation used for the bio-revitalisation and restructuring of tissue quality and skin texture, while the PRP works on cellular division and activating fibroblasts.

KYSENSE | Circa Skin | Stand C22

Visit the Circa Skin stand to find out about new HA filler KYSENSE, exclusively distributed by Circa Skin. There are four variants – Precise, Define, Volume and Extreme. WOW Facial will also be on the stand, a bespoke, six-stage advanced treatment.

Enhance Insurance Services | Stand B21

Enhance works with specialist insurance consultants to provide tailored guidance and advice to healthcare businesses. Visit the stand to learn about insurance options for your business.

Barrier Healthcare | Stand A20

Medical consumables supplier Barrier Healthcare will be at the show with its range of products including PPE, sutures, disinfectants, paper disposables, skin preparation, cleaning equipment and more. There will be a 10% discount on first orders and the chance to win luxury gifts.

Belle | Stand A12

Belle brings a range of innovative products to the UK market for both surgical and non-surgical procedures, including Aerolase lasers, the Clarius ultrasound device and Deep Care by Indiba radiofrequency.

The device has more than 40 exclusive protocols across plastic surgery, dermatology, and aesthetic medicine.

InBody UK | Stand A7

Discover the InBody770 body composition analyser at the show. InBody will be showcasing the device, which provides research-grade analysis that goes beyond traditional body composition and takes a deeper look into body water; as well as the BPBIO750 blood pressure monitor. The devices can be used separately or together for comprehensive analysis.

Cosmetic Insure | Stand A21

Visit Cosmetic Insure to find out about its specialist aesthetic insurance services and products, designed specifically to protect you and your premises, equipment, and legal obligations to employees. Cover can also be provided for training in aesthetics.that helps tone and tighten skin in a single session.

Hair Recovery Program | Pharma Hermetic | Stand A11

The cosmetic and pharmaceutical brand will bring its Hair Recovery Program to the show. The products, for clinic and home use, are rooted from biotechnology to support stem cells, enhance growth and rebalance the scalp.

Yotta Pay | Stand E12

Payment App Yotta Pay provides a sustainable payment solution for clinics by allowing clients to pay for services instantly. Using the environmentally-friendly Yotta Pad, clients tap their phone on the terminal to pay direct from their banking app and automatically receive an e-receipt and e-business card.

Etherea–MX | Harley Technologies| Stand D22

Harley Technologies will be showcasing the Etherea-MX, a laser and light-based multi-platform technology which offers multiple applications in one system and can provide more than 70 aesthetic treatments. It features six laser handpieces to treat all skin types and conditions.

Beautyform Medical | Stand C14

Beautyform Medical will be showcasing four products at AM North; the NanoVi, the Tricopad, the TeslaChair and the TeslaForma, which uses new technology of functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) for muscle strengthening. The TeslaForma provides a pulsed magnetic field to contact the muscles and improve tone and strength.

MeDioStar | BestBrothers | Stand D18

Medical aesthetic laser distributor Best Brothers will be showcasing the MeDioStar. The device offers a 10cm² spot size, allowing for full-body laser treatments in under 30 minutes. The 360º cooling tip ensures pain-free laser hair removal, vascular treatments, skin rejuvenation, acne and pigment removal on all Fitzpatrick skin types.

Focus Dual | Lynton | Stand D28

UK energy-based device manufacturer Lynton will bring its newest launch Focus Dual to the show. The device combines radiofrequency microneedling with HIFU for non-surgical skin lifting, firming and tightening of the face and body.

Get Harley | Stand D24

Online platform Get Harley allows practitioners to give clients online consultations to deliver curated skincare plans to patients remotely. Practitioners can then customise skincare plans for patients and get homecare shipped directly to their door. Get Harley will be offering a month of trading without commission to anyone who joins the platform at the show.

Thermage FLX | Solta Medical | Stand A14

Solta Medical will be bringing the Thermage FLX to AM North. The system provides non-invasive radiofrequency therapy for treatment of wrinkles and rhytids and temporarily improves the appearance of cellulite, with four tip sizes to target different areas of the face and body.

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