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Patients often talk about “tweakments”, small changes and improvements to their appearance, and it is a word that can be applied to the way you approach the running of your clinic, too. Fine tuning your business plan on a regular basis is a good habit to get into – minor changes over time can all add up to make a significant difference to your success and revenue in the long run.

At RELIFE Definisse, one of the UK’s only pharma-based aesthetics ranges offering peels, fillers and threads, our range of scientifically proven products is matched with a gold-standard training programme to ensure consistent quality results. As such, we work with some of the best practitioners in the business, all of whom are well versed in setting up and running a successful aesthetics business. We asked them for their advice to help you achieve the best results possible.


With the RELIFE range of aesthetic products, you can be confident that your patient’s needs can be met safely and effectively. “The mix and match approach is very much the trend for today’s bespoke rejuvenation solutions,” says Dr Martyn King, aesthetic doctor and co-founder of Cosmedic Clinic. “We find that the majority of our patients want natural-looking, subtle tweaks over a period of time rather than a dramatic change to their appearance.”

“Often when a patient comes in asking for filler, they haven’t even thought about the texture of their skin,” he says. “So, I always talk to them about starting with one of the RELIFE skin-specific chemical peels – they give such great results in terms of the look and feel of my patients’ skin.”

The RELIFE peel program – with options to treat photo-ageing, post-acne imperfections, superficial scars, melasma, seborrheic skin and more – delivers a range of benefits, from simple hydration to an improvement in the skin’s quality – leaving the face looking fresh and glowing prior to the introduction of any filler.


Dr Vincent Wong, who has built a reputation for treating high-profile patients in the LGBTQ+ community, is an advocate of precise, targeted marketing. “Targeting specific audiences is like a science and can make your marketing work that much harder,” says Dr Wong. “By selecting an audience with a particular need or by treatment type, you can really maximise your marketing spend. Tweaking your message makes all the difference in terms of relevance – you can see the results in increased levels of engagement and ultimately, the uptake of offers when patients have been targeted correctly.”

Dr Wong uses Definisse threads to deliver outstanding results when it comes to holding the skin and underlying tissues in place, safely and reliably, with both trans and cisgender patients.

RELIFE Definisse offers the competitive edge of an unrivalled flexibility in terms of the type of aesthetic solution you recommend for each and every patient. For more information about the product range and to find out about our gold-standard training programme, reserve your place today at

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This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine