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Quality over quantity

If you are a clinic struggling to fill your bookings with high-paying clients to help pay off expensive machinery, Facebook Ads could help. Many clinics have tried Facebook Ads with little to no results – I’ll explain exactly why this is – but it is more than possible to use this tool to generate serious, high-paying leads.


The first step to any successful advertising campaign is to ensure you know who your dream patients are. You have to put a little more effort in than just pressing the Facebook “Boost” button, setting a 10km radius, and clicking “Launch”. This is not the best way to get highquality clients.

With Facebook, you can be extremely specific with who you are targeting. Firstly, map out the characteristics and demographics of who you want to target. Once this is done, you can go into Facebook Ads Manager (not the Boost Button) and input this data.

For example, if you wanted to target clients for skin-tightening treatments on the body, you could specify:

• Women

• Aged 35-55

• Post-partum

• Living within a 5km radius of your clinic

• Income over X amount

• Interested in aesthetic treatments and wellness

Just by making these small tweaks, you’ll already get higher-quality enquiries compared to just doing a wide blast of your ads to anyone in the local area. Get creative and be specific when thinking about who to target.


When running Facebook Ads, we always recommend clinics to create a separate landing page to direct all of the traffic to. A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s common for clinics to send traffic from Facebook straight onto their website homepage. The problem with this is that your homepage will have way too many buttons, menus and options for the potential clients to click on. This leads to “analysis paralysis” and people leaving your site without booking an appointment.

The solution is to send all Facebook traffic to a dedicated landing page that is specific to the advert you are running. On this page, you can explain the treatment you are advertising and offer them to book a consultation. You will only need to have one button on this page that the potential patient can click on to enter their details.

The best converting layout I’ve seen work for clinics includes:

• Business logo

• Clear headline explaining the treatment advertised

• Short paragraph explaining treatment benefits

• Image of the treatment in action. However, you can’t show any before-and-afters or treatments where needles are visible, as this is against Facebook’s advertising policies

•A large button to opt-in (to collect their info).

“Send all Facebook traffic to a dedicated landing page that is specific to the advert you are running”

To further qualify enquiries, it’s best to ask specific questions related to the treatment, such as “What are your skin concerns?”, “Have you had this treatment before?”, and “When would you like to book your consultation?” This will weed out time wasters who are mindlessly inputting their details. We want to make them actively think and let you know why they feel they need the treatment you’re advertising.


Generating enquiries is great when you have a system set up to do this on autopilot. The problem comes, however, when you just stop there and you don’t take the time to further educate the potential clients on the specifics of the treatment and your backstory. People buy from people and you need to portray your clinic in the best light possible. Sending out a series of three to four emails over the period of a week is a great way to build the “know, like and trust factor”.

The best topics for these emails are:

• Your backstory (authority building)

• The treatment benefits/process

• Case study of an existing patient

• Call to action (prompting them to book their appointment)

You’ll want to create these four emails and schedule them to be sent to the potential client when they enter their info on the landing page. It’s very common for clients to positively respond to these emails and be ready to buy as soon as you speak to them, because they will have already been further educated on the specific treatment.

Facebook advertising is a gold mine for clinics to generate new bookings every single day. If you’re able to implement these three steps, you will immediately see an increase in high-quality clients coming through your clinic’s doors.

Richard Gibbons is the founder of vibrant Facebook advertising agency Boost My Customers, which specialises in helping clinics generate bookings on demand. The agency takes a fresh and personal approach to marketing, allowing the team to work closely with clients and guarantee results.

This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine