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The BYONIK ® is a multi-award-winning, Germanengineered device that uses non-thermal laser wavelengths for skin healing, repair and rejuvenation. The patented method incorporates a pulse-triggeredlaser, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants embedded within the proprietary gels.

BYONIK ® works in synergy with the body’s rhythm, resulting in a bespoke and personalised treatment. This new hybrid of advanced laser technology is suitable for all ages, skin types, conditions and skin tones. The BYONIK works by using pulse-triggered-laser technology to stimulate cell metabolism, protect telomeres and improve cellular function to effectively reverse the signs of ageing via light transmembrane transfusion.

With few contraindications, a high safety profile and no pre or post-treatment requirements, the BYONIK ® is a suitable treatment 365 days of the year with a high ROI. Daily treatments are possible and can be carried out all year round, even after sun exposure, used with Roaccutane and during pregnancy.

Successfully working alongside invasive and non-invasive treatments such as surgery, injectables, threads, skin peels and all common lasers to support skin integrity and boost recovery, the BYONIK ® has become a popular choice for new and established clinics worldwide.

With dedicated German engineering, the BYONIK ® PTL repairs skin at a cellular level, locks in hydration and restores cellular energy without causing trauma.

The BYONIK ® yields substantial results over other similar devices for the widest number of concerns, skin types and skin conditions, demonstrating immediate results which are non-invasive and nontraumatic to the skin. Unlike most clinical devices, BYONIK does not rely on thermal or mechanical injury for a histological response and skin improvement.

Instead, the laser utilises a pulse oximeter, which calculates in milliseconds via a complex algorithm when the laser should be triggered and when not. This enables laser energy output to adapt to the individual patient’s natural cell-breathing cycle, making the BYONIK ® treatment so unique and effective.

This method (light-induced transmembrane convection) is a fundamental biological process which is tremendously complex in vivo. During this process, the cell lipid biolayer allows certain molecules to pass through its open channels. The pulse laser light forces the cell to extrude its cytoplasm releasing toxins. At the end of the pulse cycle the cell re-expands, absorbing hyaluronic acid and antioxidants from its surroundings.

The BYONIK ® is a unique breakthrough in technology – true anti-ageing.

For more information visit–laser/, email or phone 01621 828384

This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine