Aesthetic Medicine - October 2023

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Welcome to the October issue of Aesthetic Medicine MagazineThis month, we dive into the world of body treatments
Meet the expertsMeet our editorial advisory board
Hot off the pressThe latest industry news
Trend Spotlight: Hand rejuvenationHands are exposed to the elements and UV light as regularly as the face, so what can be done to rejuvenate and protect tired mitts?
Body Dysmorphic Disorder in practitionersLooking at the prevalence of BDD in aesthetic practitioners
Out and aboutHighlights from the industry social calendar
Aesthetic Medicine returns to IrelandFind out what’s happening at AM Ireland
Meeting of mindsWhat can you learn from AM Ireland’s education?
Diamond technology in the Emerald IsleWhat products, offers and new launches are at AM Ireland
First classDr Yannis Alexandrides talks about his journey from Athens to 111 Harley Street
Transforming body contoursTesting microwave energy for abdominal fat reduction
Buttock volumisationDr Hannah Higgins discusses a recent case study
Treating the neck with polynucleotidesHow to treat neck sagging and significant wrinkling with biostimulation
A moment on the lipsImplementing intimate wellness into aesthetic and regenerative practice
The psychology behind aesthetic proceduresOur columnist has a deeper look at growing old gracefully
MALE MENOPAUSE DEPRESSIONSuperintendent pharmacist Rizvan Faruk Batha looks at late-onset hypogonadism
More than a massageWhat are the benefits of the trending treatment?
Immersive AestheticsConsidering how virtual reality can be used in the field of aesthetics
WiAM: What is amazing marketing?Some top marketing tips from influential women in the industry
Product NewsThe latest product launches
Green with envyThe results of a programme of Emerald laser body treatments at Remedi Clinic
High-tech facials: Gelida Freeze-Firm FacialKezia Parkins visits Gelida HQ to experience the Freeze-Firm Facial
Elevating your Aesthetic ClinicDr Bonny Armstrong on enhancing the patient experience
Do you need to achieve a better work/life balance?Liz McKeon gives tips on how to balance your career and free time
Body BeautifulWhy you should be promoting body treatment bookings in Autumn and Winter
10 insider secrets to give your clinic the aesthetic edgeIgnite Growth founder Derek Uittenbroek reveals how to boost appeal to turbocharge your business 
How to introduce a new device into your clinicMrs Sabrina Shah-Desai on maximising her patients’ results
Ask AlexIs it worth participating in Black Friday? How do I prepare? 
REVOLUTIONISING RETINOLPresenting the future of boosted retinol with iS Clinical
Promoting healthy cellular radiofrequencyWhy is 448kHz the sweet spot?
The rise of whole-body skin healthA new generation of body protocols from Hydrafacial
Restoring and anti-ageing with Sunekos®What can the treatments be used for, and how do they work?
Do you know how to treat an omega?The glabella types and how to assess them
Julie Devenney Facial AestheticsHow one clinic owner helped her clients lose over 300 inches and 20 stone in just four months!
TargetCool successfully launches in the UKThe multi-application device allows precise controlled skin cooling for pain relief
Pioneering skincare technology: Dermalux LED PhototherapyIn the dynamic world of aesthetic medicine, where innovation converges with science, Dermalux LED Phototherapy emerges as a global leader in transformative skincare, health, and well-being
Clinical study reveals Neauvia fillers' suitability for autoimmune patientsThe findings have significant implications for medical aesthetics
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