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Finger on the pulse

The bespoke combination of the BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser and the SLIMYONIK® AIR BODYSTYLER is the ideal pairing for complete wellbeing and overall health.

BYONIK® is a multi-award-winning, German-engineered device that uses non-thermal diode laser wavelengths for skin healing, repair and rejuvenation. The patented method incorporates a pulse-triggered laser, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants embedded within the proprietary gels.


BYONIK® works in synergy with the body’s rhythm, resulting in a unique and personalised treatment. This new hybrid of advanced laser technology comprehensively supports a compromised skin barrier and promotes rapid regeneration to all skin concerns and conditions. BYONIK® works by using pulse-triggered-laser technology to stimulate cell metabolism, protect telomeres and improve cellular function to effectively reverse the signs of ageing via light transmembrane transfusion.

With few contraindications, a high safety profile and no pre-or posttreatment requirements, the BYONIK® is a desirable standalone treatment, or can be incorporated to complement all clinical modalities, enhance treatment outcome, and reduce post-treatment downtime. Daily treatments are possible and can be carried out all year round, even after sun exposure, used with Roaccutane and during pregnancy.

The BYONIK® yields substantial results over other similar devices for the widest number of concerns, skin types and skin conditions, demonstrating immediate results that are non-invasive and nontraumatic to the skin. Unlike most clinical devices, BYONIK® does not rely on thermal or mechanical injury for a histological response and skin improvement. Instead, the laser utilises a pulse oximeter, which calculates in milliseconds via a complex algorithm when the laser should be triggered and when not. This enables laser energy output to adapt to the individual patient’s natural cell-breathing cycle, making the BYONIK® treatment so unique and effective.


The SLIMYONIK® AIR BODYSTYLER is the international leader and most advanced technology for body and aesthetic care. Focused on boosting metabolism and lymph drainage via eight tailored pneumatic pressure therapy massage programmes, the treatment is turbocharged via oxygenenriched ambient air. This gently activates the lymph system, boosts metabolism, and increases overall skin quality, health and wellbeing.

The benefits of the revolutionary SLIMYONIK® AIR focus on lymph stimulation and hypoxia of stimulated tissue, meaning the deep tissue is briefly deprived of oxygen, allowing it to take in and store more oxygen once released, aiding repair and detoxification.

This system supports the gut, liver, kidneys, and intestinal wall to enhance, detoxify and provide a surplus of essential nutrients to our skin cells to enable internal and external optimal health.

With dedicated German engineering, both the BYONIK® PTL and the SLIMYONIK® AIR BODYSTYLER work at a cellular level to activate and restore long-term rejuvenation and optimise skin health, while providing a reparative and regenerative solution to overall wellness.

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine