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I am a complete skin geek and I love a good facial. I am always exploring new technologies and bio-hacks for the skin so when BYONIK came my way I couldn’t refuse the treatment.

Byonik is not just a facial, it is actually a pulse-triggered laser facial that taps into your skin’s cellular functioning. It feels like the ultimate in luxury but is backed by some hefty science for rejuvenation, repair and detox. It was created with exquisite precision by scientists who are obsessed with details. Even the serums are heated to the right temperature to aid their penetration and enhance their delivery.

So what is BYONIK? It’s actually a diode laser facial, or cold laser facial, that simultaneously delivers two wavelengths: 658nm and 806nm for a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment. The BYONIK laser adjusts its frequency to the individual’s pulse throughout the entire treatment.

During the facial, you wear a pulse oximeter so that you catch the cell at its most bio-active and bio-receptive to awaken the cells. Once the cells are receptive, they get flooded with the triple benefit of energy, light and nutrients. The facial has been designed to disrupt and dismantle the glycation and oxidation process, repair telomere fragmentation, improve antioxidant status and powerfully reduce cellular inflammation.

The experience couldn’t be more relaxing. I had it in combination with its sister product, the SLIMYONIK BODYSTYLER, which uses pressure therapy techniques to activate the lymph system, stimulate blood flow to your skin and support your metabolism.

SLIMYONIK uses 24 air pressure chambers to stimulate lymph system drainage, while oxygen-enriched air inhalation causes hypoxia, a process where stimulated tissue is starved of oxygen, briefly helping it take in and store more oxygen that, once released, helps improve metabolism and also burn extra fat.

I am sure this kind of full-body treatment experience will be the facial of the future. I am noticing that my patients demand so much more from their treatments, and their facials are no different. Everyone has tried the basic exfoliating facials and now the market is saturated. The consumer appetite for something new is definitely growing and bio-hacking the skin is right at the top of the agenda. Consumers want results and they want science but they also want first-class, luxurious experiences. BYONIK has this nailed.

Dr Johanna Ward is an award-winning GP with a special interest in clinical dermatology and nutrition. Dr Ward has devoted her professional career to the science and study of skin health and ageing and is a passionate believer in the power of prevention. She is often called upon in the media to comment about all things ageing, dermatology and nutrition related. She is currently Resident Skin Doctor for Women’s Health magazine.

This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine