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On the jaw

Having graduated from medical school at the Hacettepe University School of Medicine in Turkey, Dr Hasan Benar completed his fellowship in dermatology to follow his passion of becoming an aesthetic practitioner.

“Changing the way that people look attracted me to this field”, he says. “Being a dermatologist means that you are in the centre of the aesthetic industry.”

Dr Benar now works alongside his wife Dr Elif Benar at her self-titled clinic in London’s Harley Street.

Jawline treatments are among the most popular procedures carried out at the clinic, due to the fact that they use an exclusive 2-point jawline technique, developed by Elif.

The technique creates natural results while reducing the risk of side effects that often come with jawline filler injections.

“The 2-point jawline technique is the best way to perform jawline filler”, Dr Benar says.

“We open one entry point on each side of the jawline and use a cannula to place filler from the jaw angle to the chin area. It differs from other methods because it requires only two entry points, and we use a cannula rather than a needle.”

This makes it the safest method for jawline filler as the risk of bruising, redness, vascular complication, and swelling is almost none.

In terms of anatomical considerations in the jaw area, Dr Benar says that the mandibular bone is the most important, as well as making sure to avoid facial arteries.

Though they are currently not teaching the technique to other practitioners, in the future this is something that they plan to do.

When using filler, Dr Benar says that it is important to achieve the most natural results as possible. “The natural result is the most important thing in aesthetics because we need to respect anatomy.

Putting in too much filler and placing it in the wrong area can contribute to an unnatural look.”

Having seen lots of unnatural-looking celebrities on social media, Dr Benar believes that this is harmful to the public. “On Instagram, we see mostly fake, photoshopped and unnatural results, it is totally wrong. We have seen many unnatural-looking celebrities, and this effects the public negatively, they think that those celebrities are normal.”

With more than 15 years in the aesthetics industry, Dr Benar says that for him, reducing the risk of side effects and achieving natural results is what he believes is most important for practitioners to consider.


Dr Hasan Benar graduated from medical school at the Hacettepe University School of Medicine in Turkey. Dr. Hasan Benar then completed his fellowship in Dermatology. Dr. Hasan Benar is a consultant dermatologist and based in Harley Street. He has 13+ years’ of extensive experience in dermatology and aesthetic industry. He is the member of Turkish Dermatology Association, Turkish Medical Association, Cyprus Medical Association, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, and General Medical Council. He specialises in lower face rejuvenation and skin tightening treatments.


This article appears in the July-August 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the July-August 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine