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Remote prescribing is not endorsed in “any circumstances” for cosmetic procedures, says JCCP

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) “does not endorse or permit the use of remote prescribing of injectable, topical or oral prescription medication for non-surgical cosmetic treatments in any circumstances”, according to new guidance.

The organisation, which says it regards safe prescribing practice as “an essential component of public protection”, issued the new guidance in light of the recent amendment contained within the Health and Care Act (2022) proposing a cosmetic licencing scheme and the enactment of the Botulinum Toxins and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Act (2021), both of which have caused prescribing practices in the industry to come under close scrutiny.

Professor David Sines, CBE, executive chair of the JCCP, said, “The publication of our revised guidance on ‘Responsible Prescribing for Cosmetic Practitioners’ demonstrates our continuing commitment to signposting and promoting safe and effective practice within the aesthetic sector. We commend the adoption and application of this revised Guidance Statement in accordance with our shared aim of protecting the public”.

Dr John Curran, chair of the Regulatory, Standards and Ethics Committee, British College of Aesthetic Medicine, said, “I welcome this essential work on prescribing guidance. All prescribers have a clear ethical and professional responsibility to apply these standards, which have been shared with our professional regulators, and formulated primarily to safeguard those seeking aesthetic medical treatments”.

Sharon Bennett, chair of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, said, “The BACN are delighted to support this detailed JCCP guidance document. It outlines the responsibilities required in prescribing lawfully, safely and competently in the medical aesthetic sector at a much-needed time”.

New petition calls for risk logo on aesthetic ads

A petition launched by patient safety advocate, Dawn Knight, is demanding greater regulation of adverts for non-surgical aesthetic procedures and cosmetic surgery by calling for a risk logo to be displayed.

With increasing reports on complications and injuries, Knight believes that a risk logo on adverts would help remind the public to research their procedures and be aware of the related risks and complications about any treatment they might be considering.

Knight took to Facebook to share the petition, explaining how she has campaigned for years for better regulation to protect the public when it comes to cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

“Too often, we see predatory and coercive illegal ads, especially on social media, with no mention of the risk, possible complications or long-term financial commitment. The risk logo, I hope, would allow the public to pause and research the procedure they may choose and encourage more ethical advertising from practitioners,” she said.

As stated in the Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions report, published in 2013, there are currently no requirements for adverts or marketing material to provide any information on the health risks of cosmetic procedures.

Knight said that the response she has received from the petition has been very positive from both the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Sector, the JCCP, the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA), Insurers Hamilton Frazer and cross-party MPs, including the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Beauty Aesthetics and Wellbeing, ISCAS and ACE World Complications, Aesthetic Wellness Foundation and many more. “This is not a difficult thing to implement, in my opinion, with precedent already set and well documented for such things as gambling, alcohol and cigarettes,” Knight added. “The sectors are facing a period of much-needed change, and this could be just one small step with a big impact on patient safety and practitioner awareness.”

More than seven million Europeans estimated to have skin cancer

New research presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology’s (EADV)

Spring Symposium shows that 1.71% of the adult European general population reported having skin cancer, meaning 7,304,000 Europeans are estimated to have the disease.

The research also found that the main reason patients consulted a dermatologist over the past 12 months was for a mole check or skin cancer screening, with over a fifth (22.3%) of appointments made with a skin specialist to check a mole or lesion.

Marie-Aleth Richard, EADV board member and professor at the University Hospital of La Timone, Marseilles, said that the results of the research demonstrate the need for action for preventing skin cancer. “Skin cancer has a good prognosis, if caught early, but is perceived by the population as a serious and life-threatening condition. The survey underscores the need for improved understanding, education and awareness about skin cancer and implementing evidence-based interventions as part of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan,” she commented.

With skin cancer being the most preventable cancer, Richards said, “Skin cancer is part of the 40% of cancers that are preventable and whose incidence we could considerably reduce if we provided more consistent and widespread education to the population.”

The research also uncovered the mental toll of skin cancer, with almost half of the people surveyed (46.6%), who reported at least one skin cancer, said that they felt “moderately or extremely anxious and depressed”. The main causes for this fear and anxiety being an alteration in quality of life, surgical scars, death and metastasis.

Almost three in five said they were impacted in their professional life, with the biggest change being working hours or altering professional activity.

New research finds omega-3 fatty acids linked to acne

New research has found that low levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood are directly linked to the diagnosis of acne.

The Department of Dermatology and Allergy in Munich found that of the 100 patients with acne that they studied, 94% were found to have below-recommended levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood.

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation by stimulating the production of antiinflammatory prostaglandins E1 and E3, leukotriene B5 and lower levels of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) -1, the central hormone that creates acne.

Assistant Professor at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Akdeniz University, Asli Bilgic, said, “This exciting research helps us get one step closer to providing effective treatments for the millions of people who face embarrassment and stigma from this skin condition. It also strengthens the idea that a healthy diet is essential for the long-term remission of acne vulgaris. Although this path needs further exploration, it can give hope to people looking for a way to manage their condition.”

Derma Medical acquired by PEAL Capital Group

Private equity firm, PEAL Capital Group, has acquired leading cosmetic training provider, Derma Medical.

Derma Medical has UKwide training covering London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Edinburgh, as well as international training academies in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth (Australia), Stockholm (Sweden) and Dubai (UAE), which attract delegates from around the world.

With courses to suit all levels, from foundation to the most experienced practitioners, the company has always been committed to the gold standard of training in-line with the latest guidelines for delivering non-surgical cosmetic interventions.

This approach has seen its courses endorsed and regulated by leading organisations, such as the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

Led by Karen O’Mahony (managing partner) and Tara Mandal (partner and COO), PEAL’s experience in repositioning companies, coupled with innovative thinking, will aid the international expansion of the enterprise and take the company to the next level of growth.

O’Mahony commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Dr Zack Ally, Dr Sanah Qasem and the talented, hardworking and innovative team that has turned Derma Medical into the UK’s most reputable and recognised brand in aesthetic procedure training for medical professionals. PEAL invests in high-quality companies with diverse management teams, and this is perfectly exemplified in Derma Medical.”

Joining the Derma Medical team as executive chair is Jennifer Fox, who has an extensive background in global hospitality, luxury branding, and leading executive teams. Fox is the former International President of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, former CEO of the Millennium Group and former COO of IHG Europ. Based at the new corporate headquarters in Portman House, London, she will be responsible for building the organisation’s structure.

UK cities most at risk of skin ageing from UV revealed

The top 10 UK cities and towns where residents are most at risk of skin ageing due to UV exposure have been revealed in a new study based on hours of sunlight per year.

The findings from Clarins Beauty Daily team are based on the number of sunshine hours per UK city.

According to Met Office data, Chichester was named the sunniest, with a total of 1,919 hours (80 days) on average a year.

Residents in Derry, Northern Ireland, were the least at risk of sun damage, experiencing the lowest hours of sunlight per year among all UK cities at 1,222 hours (51 days). Glasgow was also among the lowest risk, with a total of 1,234 hours of sunlight on average a year.

In addition to Chichester, other coastal cities in the UK also had high annual average hours of sunshine.

Brighton and Hove came in second place with a total of 1,892 hours, Southend-on-Sea came in third place with 1,884 hours, and Portsmouth followed at 1,772 hours.

This means that without proper suncare, residents here are at even more risk of skin damage than in other cities in the UK.

Galderma announces positive results in two phase III studies for novel liquid formulation botulinum toxin A

Galderma has announced topline results from its two-phase III clinical studies (NCT04249583, NCT04249687), demonstrating that RelabotulinumtoxinA, a novel liquid formulation of botulinum toxin A, improves both glabellar and lateral canthal lines with a rapid onset of action and a long duration of up to six months.1,2Both studies met their primary end-point, demonstrating a significant ≥2-grade composite improvement (as assessed by both subject and investigator) in glabellar line severity and lateral canthal line severity vs placebo at month one, with rapid onset of action and up to a six-month duration of action.

1. Shridharani, S., et al. Treatment of moderate-to-severe glabellar lines with RelabotulinumtoxinA, a new liquid botulinum toxin:

Clinical efficacy and safety results from the READY-1 Phase III trial. Poster presented at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology 2022, Las Vegas, NV, June 8-11, 2022 2. Ibrahim, SF, et al. Treatment of lateral canthal lines with RelabotulinumtoxinA, a new liquid botulinum toxin: Clinical efficacy and safety results from the READY-2 Phase III trial. Poster presented at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology 2022, Las Vegas, NV, June 8-11, 2022.

First ESHO ‘tweakments’ space opens at FLANNELS

Coinciding with the opening of FLANNELS new store in Liverpool, ESHO has partnered with the UK luxury retailer to open its one-of-a-kind tweakments space.

The space is a social media-ready clinic with a 4K live-streaming screen that transmits to the shop floor, a bespoke Hydrafacial suite and an Alma laser suite with advanced lasers and energy-based machines. Customers who have had non-injectable treatments can then indulge in the champagne recovery room.

Founded by Dr Tijion Esho, customers will also be able to buy ESHO products in-store at FLANNELS as well as online on the FLANNELS website. Two new ESHO products are also in the works, due to be launched in the coming months.

Dr Esho said, “I am very much looking forward to spending time in Liverpool at the tweakments space in the store and seeing the products rolled out for the first time.”

Head of beauty at FLANNELS, Sophie Blackledge, says the retailer is ecstatic to join forces with Dr Esho.

“The pairing between FLANNELS Beauty and Dr Esho is only the beginning of us bringing an added dose of heat regionally and is a huge win for our Liverpool flagship.”


Prollenium Medical Technologies acquires SoftFil

Prollenium, the US-based manufacturer of dermal filler brand Revanesse, has now added the SoftFil brand of microcannulas to its portfolio. Ario Khoshbin, founder and chief executive of Prollenium, said the company’s acquisition of SoftFil was a natural fit. “It has always been a personal and professional ambition to lead the aesthetics market for the benefit of the consumer, collecting and cultivating innovation and pioneering technology with safety at the core of everything we do,” he said.

Dr Jinah Yoo to lead webinar on photoprotection

Consultant dermatologist, Dr Jinah Yoo, will lead a webinar on Photoprotection on July 27 as part of Anna Baker’s new training – Skin: An Evidence-Based Approach. During the hour-long webinar from 10am-11am, Dr Yoo will discuss the history of sunscreen, the importance of UV A and UVB protection, and the evidence for visible light protection. In addition, topical sunscreen and oral photoprotection will be covered, as well as the current regulations in the EU and USA on sunscreen and how they differ.

Email for more information.

Cutera launches new UK-based aesthetic training academy

Leading aesthetic technology manufacturer, Cutera, has recently launched its new UK training facility in Reading, adding to its existing network of ‘Centre of Excellences’ locations around the UK. The Cutera University Training Academy aims to better support its UK customers with in-depth theory and hands-on clinical training, across all its devices. Cutera will be holding regular Core of Knowledge Laser & IPL Laser safety courses as well as Level 4 and 5 qualifications in partnership with Wynyard Aesthetics Academy. Visit

HDr Shirin Lakhani features on E4’s Embarrassing Bodies

Aesthetic Medicine editorial board member, Dr Shirin Lakhani, has appeared on E4’s new series of Embarrassing Bodies. Dr Lakhani treated a patient called Samantha, who suffers from lichen sclerosis, with the O Shot PRP therapy at her clinic, Elite Aesthetics in Kent.

The Cavendish Clinic Announces National Partnership with John Lewis & Partners

The Cavendish Clinic has announced a first-of-itskind collaboration with John Lewis & Partners, providing expert skincare, facials and advanced aesthetic treatments with specialist, qualified practitioners using its clinics within John Lewis stores nationwide.

The move comes in response to in-depth customer research and feedback from John Lewis, showing that a high proportion of customers were interested in advanced beauty treatments, ranging from laser hair removal to high-tech, bespoke facials and anti-wrinkle treatments. Following a successful pilot with Cavendish Clinics in five John Lewis stores in 2021, the collaboration has now been extended and will be launching across further stores nationwide throughout 2022.

Jason Wilary-Attew, head of beauty at John Lewis, said, “In the last two years, we’ve seen an at-home beauty tech boom and launched our first ever beauty tech department with LED light masks and facial toning devices. Our collaboration with the Cavendish Clinic is an acceleration of these services, where customers can visit a clinic in selected John Lewis stores to experience Cavendish bespoke skincare plans and consultations.”

Founded by leading clinicians in the UK, The Cavendish Clinic has over a decade’s worth of expertise in medical aesthetics.

Dr Matt James, co-founder of the Cavendish Clinic, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with John Lewis on this exciting journey . We are fully aligned on our beliefs and values about providing the highest quality treatments in an ethical, medically-led environment, and we look forward to helping consumers discover more about advanced skin, beauty and wellbeing treatments and decide what is right for them.”

Study demonstrates efficacy of top flat magnetic stimulation technology for female stress and urge urinary incontinence

A study published in the World Journal of Nephrology and Urology has demonstrated the efficacy of top flat magnetic stimulation technology for female stress and urge urinary incontinence.

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) derives from weak and supportive urethral muscles.

Urge urinary incontinence (UUI) results from overactive bladder muscle. Both symptoms may coexist.

The patients’ UI status was evaluated by a gynaecologist. Participants were graded as SUI or UUI patients based on pertinent questions of the questionnaires chosen for the study concerning inclusive criteria for all types of UI.

A total of 81 patients were included in this study. Subjects were divided into two groups: 35 female patients who met the criteria for SUI were classified as group A, and 46 female patients who met the criteria for UUI were classified as group B.

The Dr Arnold system, a non-invasive therapeutic device for the treatment of UI, was used for the treatment. This selectively led to a stimulation of the female pelvic floor muscles (PFMs) with an electromagnetic field characterised by a homogeneous profile (TOP FMS -TOP Flat Magnetic Stimulation).

For all women examined, the protocols used led to a decrease in SUI/UUI complaints, achieving good results and improving patients’ quality of life (QOL) without risk.


Sinclair launches #ThePowerOf MaiLi for Eyes and Lips

Sinclair has launched a new campaign highlighting two high-performing fillers:

MaiLi Precise for eyes and MaiLi Define for lips. The campaign includes a competition to showcase the range of applications and outcomes that can be achieved. Clinicians are invited to upload an image of their before and after MaiLi Lips case studies on Instagram, tagging @maili_uk and using #MaiLiLipsFTW.

Cosmetic PR launches in Dubai

Cosmetic PR is now offering its awardwinning PR services in Dubai. “As Dubai’s first and only aesthetic specialist agency, we see huge potential in the Arabian aesthetics market,” said founder Lucy Hilson. “As well as supporting UAE businesses, we will be helping UK aesthetic professionals set up in Dubai. There is a huge demand for UK medical professionals in the UAE, and we can’t wait to help our clients and other industry professionals take that step.”

BAFA announces international conference in Istanbul

The British Academy of Facial Aesthetics (BAFA) and its director, Professor Afshin Mosahebi, are proud to announce their first international conference. The event will take place from July 29-31 in Istanbul, Turkey.

It will feature a three-day facial aesthetic exhibition and seminars. BAFA aesthetic training director, Dr Ellie Sattari, has also put together three afternoons of practical, hands-on workshops on fillers, botulinum toxin and thread lifts. For registration or more information, visit

Talk Lipoedema awarded £80,000 by Scottish Government

Talk Lipoedema, the leading Scottish charity for action on lipoedema, has launched a new website. The site – – has a comprehensive section to allow people with lipoedema to access information on how to live well with the condition and assist them to self-diagnose. In addition, the site features a comprehensive section for health and social care professionals, which aims to help build a greater understanding of the condition, ensuring timely diagnosis and referral to appropriate services. The new site is among a number of initiatives that have been made possible with an £80,000 grant awarded by the Scottish Government.

Philanthropic endeavours, including tattoo removal for sex trafficking victims, top of the agenda for new ASLMS president

Dr Paul M. Friedman, president of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), has announced several new initiatives for his term, including one to help victims of sex trafficking, many of whom are branded by their traffickers with tattoos conveying ownership, including names, symbols, initials, and barcodes.

Dr Friedman, a board-certified dermatologist and the director of Dermatology & Laser

Surgery Center in Houston, Texas, USA, is passionate about supporting philanthropic causes through his work and wants to ignite this passion within the ASLMS membership.

“In the coming year, I will be looking to the membership to bring their talents forward to help change lives with lasers,” said Friedman. “There are plenty of needs and opportunities. My goal is to bridge the gap and help those patients who desperately need our expertise.

“One of my main initiatives in this upcoming year will be a philanthropic campaign to create a national directory of board-certified ASLMS members, who volunteer their time and devices to remove branding tattoos, free-of-charge, to help sex trafficking survivors and their recovery process.”

An additional initiative will be to work in conjunction with the Vascular Birthmark Foundation to create best practice guidelines for safely treating vascular birthmarks.

“Creation of a consensus of uniform standards for the treatment of vascular birthmarks with laser therapy is well overdue,” said Friedman. “Members of this prestigious society have developed and optimised the incredible technology that we all utilise on a daily basis.

By partnering with organisations like the Vascular Birthmark Foundation, we can offer our expertise and devices to those who would not otherwise be able to afford treatments.”

DD Group and Medfx appoint female double act to senior leadership team to drive brands and platforms into the future

The DD Group and Medfx have appointed Vivienne Braidwood (pictured below left) and Katie Emberley (pictured below right) to the senior leadership team.

Braidwood and Emberley are two of the industry’s most progressive female aesthetic opinion-makers. They have become the first executive job-share duo for The DD Group, bringing a different dynamic and mix of skills to the group. In terms of diversity, DD now boasts not only a comprehensive skill set, but a senior leadership that’s 50% female and represents women of colour.

The pair bring with them a combined 50+ years of experience in business, beauty, aesthetics, branding, communications, retail and start-ups. While a job share at this level is new territory for The DD Group, they are following suit in line with other large and international organisations that have adopted this modern policy for senior management job roles.

Braidwood said, “Katie and myself are thrilled to be joining The DD Group and so excited at the prospect of embarking on this adventure. We deep-dive into our work, troubleshoot and workshop projects together in a way that is really fun and forwardthinking, so we cannot wait to bring that dynamic to our shared role for The DD Group.”

Emberley added, “Both Vivienne and I are dedicated and passionate in everything we undertake. We have had a working relationship for more than 17 years, so the prospect of sharing a job role made a lot of sense. We are committed to solid team building and believe that inclusive leadership and a positive mindset to work, are key to securing results and meeting the vision and goals for the company.”


Aesthetic medicine market will continue to grow, predicts report

Global Market Insights has released its latest report entitled Aesthetic Medicine Market forecasts and insights – 2027.

The market was valued at $14.5 billion in 2020 and will witness a CAGR of over 9.2% through 2027, the report predicts.

The non-surgical segment had held a market share of more than 63% in 2020.

The North American aesthetic medicine market held more than 51% revenue share in 2020 and will grow on account of rising expenditure on cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures for enhancing aesthetics in the region, the report adds.

SkinPen Global Symposium to take place in London

The Cavendish Conference Centre in London will play host to the SkinPen Global Symposium. Taking place on Saturday, October 1 2022, speakers will include Miss Sherina Balaratnam, medical director at S-Thetics Clinic, and digital strategist Rick O’Neil. Topics will include SkinPen Precision Clinical data and evidence on CE Mark cleared indications, live demonstrations, and best practices for clinic growth using digital strategies. Contact Crown Aesthetics at enquiries@ or 028 9334 4411.

Sinclair announces new global brand transformation

Sinclair has announced a major rebranding from Sinclair Pharma. Working closely with Manchester-based creative agency, Truth Creative, Sinclair’s global marketing team has created a new brand that reflects its company values:

Agility, Ambition and Entrepreneurship.

The brand has been transformed to be modern, vibrant and premium, balancing elegance and dynamism to represent the company’s ever-expanding portfolio and development of educational programmes through the Sinclair College.

Lumenis Academy launches

Leading global laser innovators, Lumenis, have announced the launch of the Lumenis Academy – aseries of specially tailored face-to-face and online webinars, advanced training, e-learning courses, and live interactive workshops that aim to support aesthetics professionals and Lumenis customers to enhance their education. For more information, visit


This article appears in the July-August 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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