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Fat freezing has been a cult favourite for years, however, with its Waves 21 device, Gelida Medica has reinvented the treatment, promising “revolutionary” results in fat loss and skin tightening. Billed as a “scientific breakthrough”, the Waves 21 device works to reduce the abdominal (visceral fat) and subcutaneous fat (the fat you can pinch) while giving the body a deep detox. The device’s long list of benefits includes skin tightening, targeting compact and localised abdominal fat, diminishing cellulite and excess skin, and soothing tension in the body.


The Waves 21 treatment, which I had at the Tempus Belgravia Clinic, started with the process of stimulating my muscle bands (Metameres) using two handles with frequencies that help promote fat loss, as well as restoring and rebalancing the body’s natural physiological process. This part of the treatment lasted 15 minutes and was completely pain-free, only feeling like a slight pins and needles sensation, despite choosing to have it on one of the higher settings.

Stimulating the muscle bands is then followed by the cold treatment. I chose to have the treatment on my stomach, however, the Waves 21 device can be used anywhere on the body. The device freezes fat cells by working at -12 to -15c, and is a cold handle as opposed to a suction cup, meaning that there is no tugging of the skin that results in bruises and marks - something that is common among other fat loss treatments. The cold handle also features a violet light to help with lymphatic circulation, relax the muscles and nerves, and energise the organs. Gemma Clarke from Gelida, who did my treatment, said that to gain the best results, it is advised to let the gel on your body sink in post-treatment and not to take a hot bath or sauna straight after the treatment.


Despite the best results being noticeable after two weeks, posttreatment, I was able to notice some immediate results, such as my stomach being flatter. The treatment lasted about 40 minutes and required no downtime, which is perfect for those looking for a quick lunchtime treatment. The device itself was also extremely impressive, with the machine being automatic, therapists don’t have to worry about timings and settings. After having this treatment just once and seeing the benefits, I can imagine that regular use of the Waves 21 device would provide significant improvements over time.


This article appears in the July-August 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the July-August 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine