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Since its introduction in the UK in the mid-1990’s laser hair removal has grown in popularity every year. Prior to this, waxing or electrolysis were the mainstay treatment for unwanted hair in salons. They both involved a small element of pain and endurance for clients, but, with over 80% of all females using some form of hair removal, it was a high revenue generator.

While laser hair removal is now available widely, a study conducted just over a year ago in the US found that only 5% of females had ever had laser hair removal. This is partly due to awareness and partly due to cost. Over the years, the price of laser has dropped significantly and is now, over time, much less expensive than waxing. With the cost of lasers also reducing, it is now more affordable for clinics to introduce laser hair removal and benefit as the market moves from waxing to laser.

For many clinics introducing laser hair removal has transformed their business and become the single largest revenue generator of all treatments offered. One challenge when considering the introduction of laser is which device to go for. There are many suppliers in the UK, all of whom claim to have the ‘best technology’, so how do you avoid confusion and choose the best for your business?

Some key advice is to always insist on a demonstration so you can see, feel and try the device yourself. If suppliers want your business, they should offer this.

In terms of lasers, the best options are solid-state lasers (Alexandrite/Nd:YAG) or Diode laser technology (Alexandrite, Diode, Nd:YAG ). More recently, Diode has become more popular due to its lower initial and low or even no ongoing running costs and its reliability. When choosing between diode lasers, it needs to be high powered (2000Watts or more). The higher-powered lasers enable a short pulse duration (fast delivery of each pulse) to maximise heat to the base of the follicle to permanently disable and remove the hair. This will ensure the best results for your customers.

Lasers should now also have Medical CE certification, so insist on seeing the manufacturer’s Medical CE certificate. This assures you of the quality of the device and where it was originally manufactured.

Choose an established company that can provide after-sales support in terms of clinical training, marketing and technical service.

The latest technology to arrive in the UK, distributed by Cosmeditech, is the Eneka Pro diode laser from TermoSalud in Spain. This powerful laser offers up to 5000Watts, either 755nm or 808nm wavelength and exceptional contact skin cooling.

For more information, see or contact Cosmeditech on 0800 038 55 80

This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine