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Licensing scheme to become law after Health and Care Bill granted Royal Assent

The Health and Care Bill has received Royal Assent by Her Majesty The Queen, enacting the most significant health legislation in a decade into law.

Included in the Bill was an amendment tabled by the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) on September 21, 2021 that a mandated licensing regime be put in place for the more invasive cosmetic treatments. This would make it an offence for someone to practise without a licence and to practise from unlicensed premises.

The passing of the Bill means the Government will give the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care the power to introduce the national licensing regime, the scope and details of which will be determined after a public consultation.

Professor David Sines, executive chair and registrar of the JCCP commented: “The UK Government’s decision to introduce a licensing scheme to regulate the administration of the more invasive aesthetic treatments is a welcome contribution to enhancing public protection and patient safety. The JCCP and Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA) are prepared to contribute to the development of standards for practice, education and training in support of the new licensing scheme.

“The system of regulation for the aesthetic sector is complex and multifarious. Our shared call to action remains at the heart of our strategy. In our opinion, nothing less than joined-up governance and the closure of loopholes within the current regulatory landscape will be acceptable if we are to truly seek to serve and protect members of the public from unwarranted variation with regard to the standards and quality of service and they should expect from aesthetic practitioners within the United Kingdom.

“The JCCP and the CPSA call on the sector to use this legislation and the forthcoming coming consultation to adopt high standards of practice and clinical excellence.”

JCCP launches new consumer website

The JCCP has been working with CDM – aLondon based, international health agency – on the development of an information website for members of the general public who are seeking to access non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The site is called JCCP & Me –

The need to provide members of the public with accessible information about aesthetic cosmetic procedures and details of where to go to find suitably qualified and trained practitioners was one of the measures recommended to Government as part of the JCCP’s 10 Point Plan, which was published in 2021 with the aim of improving public safety in this new and rapidly expanding area.

Professor David Sines RN PhD CBE Chair JCCP said: “This is another example of how the JCCP is working with its many partners and stakeholders to provide better information to members of the general public about safety issues linked to aesthetic procedures.

I am immensely grateful for the work undertaken by CDM in developing the new consumer site and extend my thanks to the many persons/organisations who have contributed to its content and, in particular, to our website sponsors: sk:n Clinics, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors and The Tweakments Guide.”

Olly Caporn, Executive Creative Director of CDM London, said: “CDM has been delighted to be involved with the JCCP to develop such an important website focused on patient safety and public protection in this rapidly growing area. “The site was developed following extensive research by CDM and working with many of the key stakeholders in the non-surgical sector. We believe it’s an important first step in making the JCCP a household name synonymous with safety.”

The new consumer website went live on May 5 and was officially launched at Beauty Uncovered LIVE by professor Sines and Dr Tapan Patel on May 7.

Clinic reveals ‘alarming’ number of patients lost confidence in appearance during pandemic

An ‘alarming’ number of people lost confidence in their appearance after two years of wearing masks and video conferencing in isolation.

Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett, near Wrexham and Chester, experienced a surge in feedback from patients who became used to ‘hiding away’ behind face coverings, while abandoning skincare and beauty routines after being in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Award-winning owner, Sara Cheeney, said a return to face-to-face meetings, no social distancing and getting back to the workplace left many clients feeling self-conscious after covering up for so long.

“We have had an alarming number of patients come back to us in past months who say they dreaded endless video conferencing meetings because they were not used to looking at their own face all day,” she added.

“Given so many of us were in lockdown and had to wear masks in public, it’s quite understandable there would be some anxiety, which has been the case for some people.

“We held free consultations and tutorials throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and continue to do so virtually for those who want them, but most patients have returned to the clinic and their skincare routines and are already feeling a hundred times better.

“While it’s a physical issue it’s also a state of mind; if confidence is low and you are worried about the way you look, it can have a wider impact. This was an unprecedented time for all sectors, and each one has navigated challenges never experienced previously.”

Sharon Bennett discusses body dysmorphia on the BBC

Leading aesthetic nurse Sharon Bennett has appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss mental health issues in aesthetics and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

Bennett appeared with Charlie King from the TV show The Only Way is Essex, who had recently opened up about his BDD battle with aesthetic procedures, noting the importance of practitioners and the industry in implementing a stricter safeguarding consultation tool.

She said, “I have a consultation tool to assess my patients. It is very difficult because we are not mental health practitioners, we are cosmetic practitioners, [nurses] and GPs. We come from all walks of the medical profession, not necessarily mental health. However, the consultation tool does exactly what Charlie was talking about. We talk about ‘how many times do you look in the mirror’, ‘how many selfies do you take a day?’ all these questions are very important, they are called red flags to us, and it’s very important to decide if we use this to decide whether we should treat or not. If we decide not to treat a patient, then we should refer them to some outside help and have a referral process in place. But regulated it is not. We are regulated professionals, which is why we should put these systems in place.”

Film series explores life after aesthetic plastic surgery

The Aesthetic Society has released ‘Beyond the Before & After,’ a four-part series documenting the transformative journey of, and life after, plastic surgery. Sponsored by Allergan Aesthetics, the docuseries aims to tell unique patient stories from real people across America who have undergone plastic surgery.

“This film series goes beyond the surface to shine a light on the less told emotional journeys our patients go through before, during, and after plastic surgery,” says Melinda Haws, MD, Communications Commissioner of The Aesthetic Society. “This is our opportunity to change the conversation around aesthetic plastic surgery and demonstrate that our goal is more than physical changes; it’s to change lives.”

The series features four stories: a single mum’s journey with weight loss and self-love, a trans-non-binary person’s story of self-discovery and acceptance and a breast surgery patient’s journey and a father’s pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle. The entire docuseries is available to view by visiting


KYSENSE launches Elevate masterclass

KYSENSE has launched a new Elevate masterclass for full-face rejuvenation. Led by Dr Helen Marsden and Dr Wasif Razzaq, the masterclass will be split into four modules. The modules will cover the upper third on restoring and rejuvenating tear troughs and temples; the middle third on rebuilding and restructuring cheeks, nasolabial folds and the piriform fossa; the lower third with rebuilding the chin, jawline and marionette areas; and the lips where delegates will use a variety of techniques to rejuvenate the perioral region.

Doctors partner to launch new training academy

Dr Keli Thorsteinsson and Dr James Dean have partnered to launch a new training academy in the Midlands and Wales. Clinic Courses has a variety of courses, including a foundation botulinum toxin and dermal filler course, microneedling, platelet-rich plasma and lip filler techniques. The courses will be held at the Freyja Medical clinics in Wrexham, North Wales and Nantwich, Cheshire.

4T Medical offers combined dermal filler and thread course

Aesthetic supplier and training provider 4T Medical is offering an all-in-one Non-Surgical Facelift course that covers both dermal fillers and threads. The two-day course is designed for aesthetic doctors, dentists and nurses looking to provide their patients with long-lasting non-surgical face-lifts. Upcoming training dates include June 7 and 14 in Bristol and July 13 and 20 in Wallasey, Merseyside. For more information, visit or call 01223 440285.

AES receives Acquisition International Award

Advanced Esthetics Solutions (AES) has been awarded Acquisition International’s 2022 Global Excellence Award. The aesthetic devices company was announced as the winner of the category for Leading Innovators in Medical Aesthetics Solutions – UK. The Global Excellence Awards are an annual programme designed by the in-house research team at AI Global Media. They were launched in 2016 to recognise and reward the firms and individuals whose sustained outstanding performance has seen them lead the way in their industry.

Kelly Tobin joins Artemis as UK director

Artemis Distribution has announced the appointment of Kelly Tobin as UK director.

Tobin joins Artemis in its expansion into the UK aesthetics and beauty sector after great success in the US market. She is a multi-award-winning aesthetic industry professional with more than 20 years of experience covering a wide range of expertise, including product acquisition, product launches, sales management, training, educational events and marketing.

She said: “I am delighted to be joining Artemis Distribution in the next phase of its growth into the UK market. This is a fantastic opportunity with so many amazing products in the pipeline with an exciting business proposition for our partners - watch this space!”

BACN collaborates with Aesthetic Nurse Software

The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) has partnered with Aesthetic Nurse Software (ANS).

The collaboration has been designed to drive standards and promote professionalism within aesthetics. The partnership aims to offer members a range of benefits, including a 10% discount on annual payments for BACN membership for existing ANS members. BACN members will also benefit from a one-month subscription for free when joining ANS.

Throughout June, ANS will be taking over the BACN digital channels for an episode of ‘In Conversation…’ with nurse prescriber and founder of ANS, Jo Hayward, alongside an extended ‘In Focus’ webinar.

Murad partners with TerraCycle® for sustainability initiative

Clinical skincare brand, Murad, is partnering with international recycling leader TerraCycle® to divert plastic waste from landfills while turning it into new recycled products. Through The Murad Free Recycling Programme, the brand now provides customers with the unique opportunity to recycle Murad product packaging while earning charitable donations for non-profits in the process.

Once collected, the packaging is cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remoulded to make new recycled products. Every shipment of packaging sent to TerraCycle® also earns the collector points that can be used for charitable gifts or converted to cash and donated to a nonprofit, school or charitable organisation of their choice.

“Today, consumers understand more than ever the importance of sustainability,” explains Dr Murad. “It has been my life’s work, and the foundation of Murad, to help people attain healthier skin and happier lives. Through our newly founded partnership with TerraCycle®, we further strengthen this pledge by providing easy steps to help our community support the health of our planet, because wellness for the planet is just as important as wellness for the people.”

Prestigious international awards for Dr Dean Rhobaye

UK-based practitioner Dr Dean Rhobaye has won two highly prestigious international awards at the 2022 Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC). His first award was for the “Best Non-Surgical Facial Beautification” category for his work using advanced injectable techniques for full facial transformation. The second was the “Best of the Best” award for the best overall treatment result judged across all the surgical and non-surgical category winners. Dr Rhobaye was also one of three specialists shortlisted for a third category, “Best Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation”.

The finalists were selected by an international panel of judges and subjected to double anonymised peer voting. Dr Rhobaye beat 1,000 applicants and 155 finalists from across 60 countries to win the accolades. He has 13 years of experience in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. He has been pioneering multimodal minimally invasive procedures that have started to blur the boundaries between nonsurgical and surgical treatment outcomes.

He said, “For decades, the biggest decision for patients wanting aesthetic results was whether to opt for surgical intervention or a softer, less-invasive approach. Non-surgical treatment usually meant accepting a lesser, inferior result or aesthetic outcome.

“Fast forward and an influx and rapid development in new treatments, injectables and energy delivery devices means exceptional results for common face and body concerns have started to provide a real alternative to surgery. Then I developed MIMAC, a hybrid approach, taking the best of what is available to patients and creating protocols for the best possible outcome: Minimally Invasive, Minimal Access Cosmetic procedures that can deliver truly outstanding transformations without the same risks of more extensive surgical procedures.”

Biotech company announces “significant breakthrough” in stem-cell-based therapies for hormone restoration

JangoBio, an early-stage biotech company based in Wisconsin, USA, has announced significant scientific breakthroughs in developing sustainable stem-cellbased therapies for complete hormone restoration.

Research scientists at its Fitchburg WI laboratory have successfully created organoids that emulate the production of ovarian and testicular hormones.

This innovative technology can regenerate and replace hormoneproducing tissues and reverse the natural decline of sex hormones that occurs with age. “The development of hormoneproducing organoids paves the way for use in humans and animals”, indicated Dr Craig Atwood, CEO of JangoBio, adding, “JangoBio is rapidly moving towards testing our organoid products in animal models.”

Restoration of circulating hormone concentrations offers the remarkable benefits of preventing the symptoms of menopause and male andropause, halting age-related disease and increasing the healthy lifespan of humans and animals.

JangoBio’s implanted organoids will be the first cell-based therapies to fully reverse hormonal decline and associated age-related diseases. Organoid-based hormone therapies are superior to traditional single hormone-based therapies, allowing restoration of all hormones produced by the ovaries and testes.

Beginning with companion animals, treatments will be administered by veterinary clinics throughout North America. The next phase of development will introduce these therapies into human clinical trials.


Filmed launches E-Academy app

Fillmed E-Academy, a comprehensive, e-learning solution for aesthetic medicine, has launched an educational app allowing practioners to watch more than 60 episodes by over 25 worldwide experts and stream the IMCAS symposium, injection techniques, etc. The app is available live, on-demand and replay and can be downloaded at

Lynton offers delayed payments

UK-based laser and IPL manufacturer, Lynton, has announced it will now be offering delayed payments across its product portfolio. A spokesperson said: “At Lynton, we continuously develop our resources to provide superior technical, clinical, and business support for our customers. To show our commitment to supporting small businesses, we are partnering with specialist lenders to offer three months deferred payment on all products.”

Dr Dev Patel takes on Emerald

Dr Dev Patel has added the Emerald Laser to his Perfect Skin Solutions clinic in Southsea, Portsmouth. He said, “Those who know me know of my obsession with remaining at the forefront of technology and ensuring I offer my patients the most effective, up-to-date and evidence-based treatments available. I have been an early adopter of many devices that have since become globally renowned. Emerald ticks every box, and is a hugely exciting addition to the clinic.”


Allergan Aesthetics has announced the FDA approval of JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® XC for the improvement of infraorbital hollows in adults over the age of 21. According to clinical trial data, 90% of subjects reported satisfaction one year after treatment.

Mel Recchia develops bespoke aesthetic training

Nurse prescriber, Mel Recchia, will now be offering her own bespoke training courses. Recchia, who has more than 16 years of experience as a practitioner and 10 years of teaching aesthetic medicine, will train under her own brand. The first course on advanced toxins will be held on June 9 in Buckinghamshire. Each course will take up to four delegates, and a certificate will be provided on completion.

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