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Élan Laser Clinics, which launched its first clinic earlier this year, is going from strength to strength with two further clinics due to open in the coming months. With plans to establish 10 outlets across the UK by the end of 2022, the rapid rollout is being made possible by a disruptive all-inclusive subscription model offered by Laseraid, with the aim of enabling clinics to provide a wide choice of the most sophisticated devices from day one.

“As the leading ‘one stop shop’ for the growing UK market in aesthetic laser device provision, our services are designed to help clinics scale up quickly, try treatments and devices, and introduce new ideas to their customers without the capital cost or lengthy financial commitments of purchasing machines,” explains Tom Acland, CEO of Laseraid. He adds, “Élan is a great example of an ambitious, fast-growing aesthetics business which has embraced our industry-first, all-inclusive subscription package and is using it to drive rapid expansion.”

Élan’s clinics will offer a range of personalised laser, skin and body treatments, combining the most sophisticated aesthetic laser technology with a luxury spa-like experience. Treatments include hair removal, tattoo removal, facials, skin rejuvenation, fat freezing and body contouring.

Industry veteran Anna McCartney, founder and CEO of Élan, said, “Being able to provide the most sophisticated technology is at the heart of what we do, so partnering with a trusted supplier like Laseraid, which offers an extensive range of aesthetic laser devices from all the premium brands, is key to our business model.”

She continued, “I have been impressed by Laseraid’s exciting, all-inclusive subscription offering, which supports our expansion by packaging the rental of the equipment, servicing costs, training and marketing into one fixed monthly payment. Not only is this positive for cash flow as it reduces the need for capital investment, but it also enables us to offer a wide range of devices and keep up to date with the latest models.”

Élan is using the Candela G-Max pro at its Leeds clinic as part of its bespoke laser hair removal services, enabling it to also offer devices capable of a range of treatments providing a choice of a choice of devices to clients and find the one best suited to them.

Designed to give clinics maximum flexibility and growth potential with unmatched support, Laseraid’s unique subscription service takes the pressure off clinic owners, leaving them move time to focus on running their business and providing the best service to their clients. As well as access to premium laser devices from industry-leading brands, the service includes complete servicing and support, as well as initial and ongoing training, and monthly credit towards stocking up clinic supplies. Laseraid also offers marketing support and business advice. 

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Anna McCartney

This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine