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A Summer Glowvolution

Inspiring customer curiosity about skin health and complexion confidence is the mantra behind Glowvolution, the new summer pop-up programme from HydraFacial. Spanning four months and eight cities, the company expects to treat thousands of potential new consumers in a national ‘try before you buy’ marketing initiative specially designed to support local providers.

As the space between health and beauty continues to converge at warp speed, consumer appetite for results-focused, yet minimally invasive treatments, shows no sign of slowing. Alongside the new LDN Flagship space in the capital, Glowvolution is HydraFacial’s largest regional investment to date and underpins the company’s ‘skin health’ ambitions for all of the UK and Ireland.

From May until September, HydraFacial pop-up spaces will deliver up to four thousand complimentary treatments to potential new clinic patrons. The novel ecosystem is designed to socially inspire and source new prospects before converting them to a skin health programme with a recommended local provider.

“Glowvolution is our way of doing some of the ‘heavy lifting’ for our community of clinics, medispas and aesthetic beauty studios”, comments Lauren Gibson, country manager for UK and Ireland. “We know that a great HydraFacial treatment can be an epiphany moment for consumers; one where the consultation, treatment steps and results can convert even the most cynical of patients”.

“Recent research from our UK providers indicates that HydraFacial is often a ‘gateway’ treatment’, Gibson continues. “By facilitating a great inaugural experience, our goal is to send our clinics engaged, curious customers that may become loyal patrons interested in HydraFacial and more”.

Glowvolution kicks off at Beauty Uncovered in May, followed by two 14-day pop-up experiences in Cambridge and Glasgow, respectively. The programme heads to Gateshead and Birmingham in June, with Edinburgh and Southampton completing the July itinerary. The campaign will conclude with residencies in Manchester and Dublin.

Visitors to each pop up will get a taste of the LDN Flagship experience, the newly opened innovation centre on Portman Square. Alongside customisable treatments featuring the brand’s range of boosters, there will be local dedicated clinic takeover days, allowing HydraFacial providers to own the customer relationship from the outset. A series of mini masterclasses and regional activations are planned to help drive registrations.

Established in 1997, HydraFacial is one of the world’s leading aesthetic device manufacturers and pioneers of hydradermabrasion technology. HydraFacial currently operates in 87 countries around the world, has over 450 employees and works with more than 50 distributors serving more than 12,700 customers worldwide. Glowvolution will play a part in delivering more than 2.5 million treatments globally in 2022.

To find out more about the Glowvolution Events or to discover how HydraFacial could enhance patient loyalty in your clinic or medispa, visit today

This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine