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A: Google Ads are brilliant but it’s easy to get them wrong. The budget, targeting and words all need to be right. You need to get a lot right to get clicks.

Once you’ve nailed these and someone clicks on the ad, you then need to make sure the landing page wows them. I have five focuses for a great paid ad page, which could also be applied to Facebook, etc.: 

1. A killer headline – Explain what you can do for them; the results, benefits, essentially why this is the treatment (for example) for them. 

2. A subtitle to add context – Go into more specifics on the treatment or product here and how and why it works. Still keep this short though, preferably to one or two lines. 

3. One headline image/animation/video – Show, don’t tell. This is where a great before and after or visualisation of results works. You can include other images further down. 

4. Social proof –I keep talking about this in my AM articles, because focusing on social proof really is a free way of improving your business. Make the claims on your ad believable by backing them up with a single review, your overall rating, or how many treatments you’ve carried out, to show that you’re not just expecting the potential patient to take your word for it.

5. A clear call to action (CTA) – Make it clear what you want the next step to be, and let the visitor take it. Rather than “Contact us”, why not say, “Contact our doctor”; rather than “Book a consultation”, try, “Book your free consultation”; and rather than “Buy now”, say, “Order today, delivered tomorrow” (if this is true). I’ve used just an extra one or two words in these examples to make the CTA less generic, which will pay off in more conversions.

First impressions count, especially when you’re spending money to get the visitor to your landing page. Ticking these boxes above the fold (before someone scrolls down on your ad) will provide an instant insight into why they should book into your clinic. Then, develop the information down the page and keep that one CTA throughout, including more social proof, data or FAQs to let the visitor decide if they’re going to book.

Conversion from the ad is the signal that it works. As a quick note, after you’ve got a patient through Google Ads, remember to deliver a great experience and keep them connected with your clinic. Aim to have them return for more treatments and, even better, refer their friends and family to you – this will further bring down the “cost” of that patient as you get two, three, hopefully, five for the price of one!

Alex Bugg works for Web Marketing Clinic, a familyrun digital agency, which specialises in medical aesthetics. They build websites and deliver marketing campaigns for doctors, nurses, dentists, distributors and brands. Contact her: alex@ or follow her on Instagram: @webmarketingclinic

This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine