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Aesthetic Medicine June 2022 Articles

Licensing scheme to become law after Health and
A look at the most researched treatment for non-invasive fat loss
An industry first
A revolutionary all-inclusive subscription model from Laseraid is helping to drive growth for a new name in aesthetic laser treatments
Raise your shield
Discover the power of Dermshield™ technology and what it will do for your clinic
A Summer Glowvolution
HydraFacial unveils regional pop-up programme
Hair today
We discover the latest in laser hair removal technology, the Eneka Pro
The REAL thing
A look at Mr Nav Cavale’s new state-of-the-art hospital in Battersea
Switching to Sustainability
Aesthetician Zoe Myers shares her advice on going green
Building your BUSINESS
Want to grow your clinic but don’t know where to start? Aesthetic nurse and business coach Sara Cheeney shares her advice
Jane Wardle looks at how you can generate leads and drive action, by building your online presence through SEO and social media
In the first of this two-part special, Balsam Alabassi explains what metabolic syndrome is and why it occurs
Treating Dark Circles
Dr Rita Nandi shares a case study of combining HA and Sunekos 200 to tackle under-eye concerns
Full face rejuvenation
Dr Mei Dr Mei discusses full-face rejuvenation: A ‘Cookbook Approach’, or an anatomical assessment?
CPR of complications
Dr Harry Singh explores the roles of capillary refill, patch testing and reviewing in the management of complications
The ‘Yamanaka’ Factor: creating beauty through science
Dr Stuart Daly shares his thoughts on the development and future of regenerative medicine
Sun savvy
In honour of Sun Awareness Week last month, consultant dermatologist and author of The Skincare Bible, Dr Anjali Mahto, shares her guide to skin cancer
Anticoagulants in ansthetics
Sharron Gordon and Gillian Murray discuss anticoagulation, bruising and aesthetics
Fit for a King
We chat to Dr Martyn and Sharon King about their latest venture into the pharmacy world, Cosmedic Pharmacy
Alopecia at the Oscars
Hair loss has been a huge talking point since the Will Smith incident in April. As a result, you may see more patients coming forward to seek treatment. We spoke to Dr Martin Wade for everything you need to know about alopecia areata
Exuviance The NEW Exuviance® Profesional Brightening Serum from
Emotional support
Nick Babington on supporting your clients’ mental health
The whole world has been talking about Will
Meet the experts
The Aesthetic Medicine editorial board includes some of the leading names in aesthetics. Their clinical expertise and diverse range of specialties help ensure the magazine meets the needs of its readers
A stellar line up
Dr Jean Carruthers leads the British College of Aesthetic Medicine’s conference faculty for 2022