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Under pressure

Running a small business is extremely rewarding. But like anything worthwhile, it also has its challenges. Pursuing your passion and directing your vision might fuel your drive and motivation. Yet sometimes, this alone is not enough. Hard times hit, markets shift and juggling the hats of a handful of job roles has the potential to make the day-to-day overwhelming.

Because the aesthetic industry is also currently in a rapid growth and expansion phase, keeping up with innovative trends is even more of a challenge. Still, it’s important to remember that this constitutes an increase in demand and increasing opportunities in the long run.

These struggles are all just part of the process, and although they can feel consuming at times, you can take steps to make these stressors more manageable. When we manage these pressures well, we can reconnect to why we started doing what we do and remember to enjoy the process.

The below tips should help you cope with the pressures your small business brings.


As a clinic owner, dealing with problems and solutions probably makes up the majority of your day to day, and amid a myriad of challenges, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. That’s why celebrating the wins is essential – the big ones and the small ones, too. Praise yourself and your staff members whenever you reach a milestone on a project. It can be tempting to home in on what’s lacking or areas that need improving, but try not to fall into this trap. Taking time to accentuate the positives boosts morale, motivation and productivity.


As a business owner, you’re in charge. So mastering the art of objectives is essential. You’ll have shorter-term weekly goals as well as longer-term monthly and yearly objectives, and it’s important to differentiate between the two. Sometimes we make plans and goals in our subconscious minds, with a vague direction of where we’re heading. And while it’s good to understand the next steps for the future, these partly formed ideas can cloud your consciousness, making you feel overwhelmed in the short term. And in the long-term? They can diminish your focus and derail your agenda.

Mastering the art of objectives involves setting your vision in stone. Taking time out of your weekly working week to pause and check in with progress is a must. This process will allow you to prioritise the most important tasks, stay on top of timelines and craft plans for the future of your business. The initial hour out of your day might seem like a blow to the schedule, but ultimately, in the long run, it’s worth it.


Burnout affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally. We’re unable to perform at our best, and standards are likely to fall by the wayside. Burnout is caused by chronic stress, and as a small business owner, this is something you’re likely to be exposed to over a period of time. Because of this, it’s important to stay aware of signs of burnout. Key indicators include feeling constantly worried, trouble sleeping, eating more or less than usual, a lack of self-confidence, and irritability. Remember that your health should come first – don’t neglect it. Prevent burnout before it takes over by knowing your limits, learning to say no when needed and taking time for yourself.

“Burnout affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally. We’re unable to perform at our best, and standards are likely to fall by the wayside”


It’s easy to underestimate the power of a pocketful of “stress-busters”. But when you identify the unique coping mechanisms that work for you, it can be somewhat of a gamechanger. A coping mechanism can be the difference between a good decision and a bad decision, a good day and a bad day. It could be a brisk walk in the fresh air, finding things you’re grateful for or taking a pause to just breathe.

Having these techniques handy discourages you from spiralling into a negative thought cycle or falling into unhelpful habits.

Nick Babington is the director of Croner Group. He delivers client-based solutions to businesses of all sizes and advises on employment law, health and safety legislation and good commercial practice. His main objective is to demonstrate the necessity of keeping your business up to date with the constant changes in employment law and business safety.

Contact: 07896 036 993 Nick.Babington@croner.

This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine