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Aesthetic Medicine - July/August 2021

Inspiring best practice in medical aesthetics

Aesthetic Medicine July/August 2021 Articles

I think this issue really demonstrates achievement and
Problem solver
Prepare now to treat clients’ post–summer pigmentation
Meet the experts
The Aesthetic Medicine editorial board includes some of the leading names in aesthetics. Their clinical expertise and diverse range of specialties help ensure the magazine meets the needs of its readers
AM Live going ahead as planned Following the
Follow the rules
Employment lawyer Tina Chander breaks down some workplace policies worth introducing post–pandemic
Smooth operator
How can you make your operations management more efficient? Phil Elder shares his tips
Ask Alex
Clinic digital marketing specialist Alex Bugg answers your questions
North star
Dr Raj’s Thethi’s new clinic is exciting, impressive and somewhat unexpected, finds Georgia Seago
Slimming down
Dr Maeve Kenningham assess the safety profile and mechanism of adipocytolysis with injectable therapy using Aqualyx
Warning signs
Aesthetic doctor Dr Ana Mansouri examines the epidemiology, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of malignant melanoma
Personal best
Dr Joshua Van der Aa gives an insight into the process of creating a signature injectable treatment, and tells us the story behind his own
Lifelong lift
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Naveen Cavale on a permanent alternative to lip filler – the lip lift
All in one
Georgia Seago reviews the HydroFacial Plus at 111 Harley Street
111SKIN The luxury cosmeceutical skincare brand has reformulated
Double win
Dr Judy Todd tells us how she combined minimally invasive liposuction with RF microneedling for ultimate results with little downtime
Body beautiful
Dr Martin Kinsella shares one of his first case studies using new PLLA collagen–stimulant Lanluma X for buttock enhancement
Tell-tale signs
The hands are often the first place to show signs of ageing. Dr Aamer Khan shares a hand–rejuvenation treatment using a collagen–stimulating injectable
Beam Wave
Turn down the volume
Emma Chan shares how her lip treatments have evolved in her 14 years in practice
New wave
How new HA filler range Kysense plans to revolutionise the market