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At mesoestetic we understand skincare as a science based on clinical evidence, rigour and excellence.

We develop cutting-edge aesthetic medical solutions for the most demanding skincare experts.

We are scientists of beauty and this is the element that makes us unique.

Successfully treating all skin types and concerns worldwide for over 35 years, we have a comprehensive portfolio of treatments and homecare available for you and your clients.

Dermamelan has been at the forefront of the world for the treatment of pigmentation for all these years. With constant research and development adapting to new discoveries with reformulations, it is a powerful tool in your clinic.

Throughout the years, Dermamelan has become a de-pigmentation method of reference, trusted by doctors and over half a million users worldwide. Thanks to its corrective and regulating action, it works to remove cutaneous hyper-pigmentation while it regulates overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new dark spots. Thus, it achieves short and long-term results by keeping hyper-pigmentation under control.

When summer comes to an end, there are more latent dark spots in the skin as a consequence of prolonged exposure to the sun. Before applying a treatment, the professional must carefully analyse the skin in order to choose the right method for addressing these unsightly aesthetic concerns.

Having an accurate diagnosis is the key to choosing the right treatment; after all, all professional treatments require an initial consultation and an analysis of the person’s condition, particularly in the medical and aesthetic areas. Before selecting a treatment to eliminate dark spots, it is important to perform an examination and make a diagnosis of aspects affecting the client’s skin. This is essential when it comes to preparing all customised techniques because it is our method of identifying the cause of the hyperpigmentation and its location, depth and type. Based on the results of the examination, the professional can decide on the best methodology to remove the dark spots safely and with visible effects in just a few weeks. The diagnostic protocol means setting up a client file in the database, completing their aesthetic record, filling in some forms with information about aesthetic concerns and their treatment and monitoring, and a form containing treatment guidelines for use after the aesthetic procedure.

We have designed our training to elevate your clinic to a greater understanding of the science of skincare so you are able to offer your clients the next level of care, you can also be sure that we are there to help you when you need it.

We are very excited about the future and want you to be a part of it, we will be launching our new premises in the UK very soon and you will be seeing both new and revolutionised products released during this year.

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This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine