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Spanish cosmeceutical skincare brand Mesoestetic is relaunching its wellknown Dermamelan hyperpigmentation treatment with a new look and newadditions to the treatment pack, following reformulation and the evolution of two ingredient patents.

After 30 days. Images courtesy of Dr Lori Nigro

After identifying new molecular targets responsible for hyperpigmentation, the new Dermamelan has been formulated to work effectively and synergistically on the main key targets in the hyperpigmentation process, with a dual correcting and regulating action to both remove existing hyperpigmentation and prevent its reappearance.

Two new patents are behind the reformulation – [SYN]pigmenTarget, a combination of retinol, ferulic acid and diosmin at optimum concentrations for a high response to the key pigmentation targets; and melaphenone, the brand’s own molecular design which reduces tyrosinase activity by more than half.

Also contributing to the new-look Dermamelan are two transepidermal vehiculation systems – multilamellar nanovesicles to carry and release actives selectively; and iontophoresis technology to allow the formation of microchannels to improve permeability and ensure the actives reach the optimum position.

Images courtesy of Mesoestetic Spain

Widely referred to as the “gold-standard treatment for hyperpigmentation”, long-time fans may wonder what needed changing when the treatment was already getting such impressive results. Dr Lori Nigro, consultant aesthetic physician at Mesoestetic UK, explains that the brand’s investment in biomedical research and the use of advanced data analysis presented the opportunity to make Dermamelan even better. “The formulation has also been optimised to modulate inflammatory and hormonal effects, improve vascular condition, and optimise extracellular signalling, which is the key to skin uniformity,” says Dr Nigro.

Dermamelan is still a two-phase treatment comprising an in-clinic appointment and four-month homecare regime. The medical treatment contains Oil Removing Solution, new formula Dermamelan Mask and completely new hydrogel Dermamelan Ion Mask. The homecare consists of new formula Dermamelan Treatment, Melan Recovery and Mesoprotech Melan 130 Pigment Control.

Dr Nigro says of the hydrogel mask: “The Dermamelan Ion mask is applied as part of the in-clinic treatment. It’s a hydrogel mask with active ingredients and has copper and zinc filaments to activate penetration of the cosmeceutical ingredients. The mask design supports iontophoresis – the process of using electrochemical gradients to actively transfer the therapeutic ingredients transdermally for maximal effect and efficiency. It also maintains skin moisture through the clinical stage of the process.”

These changes to the Dermamelan system also make the treatment process easier for both practitioner and patient, with the amount of time the treatment mask has to be left on the skin reduced from up to 10 hours to just four, while the post-procedure homecare treatment regime is reduced from three times daily for six months, to twice a day for four months, explains Dr Nigro. “The protocol changes are minor, and should present no difficulties, and only advantages, to those who’ve been using Dermamelan for some time,” she says. “There is a broad body of data demonstrating the effectiveness of the new formulation, so that practitioners can have confidence in the migration – it’s really a better version of the same product with a more convenient protocol.”

This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine