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Best of both

We all know that achieving truly impressive aesthetic results takes creativity as well as clinical skill. This is where combination treatments come into their own, with innovative cosmetic doctors taking efficacious technologies and products and combining them together in a bespoke protocol for enhanced results as the individual treatments bring out the best in each other.

Dr David Jack is one such doctor, having taken two of the most popular modalities on the market and combined them together for the ultimate bio-stimulation treatment. Dubbed “Morphilo”, InMode’s Morpheus8 microneedling radiofrequency device is performed alongside injectable hyaluronic acid bio-revitalising skinbooster Profhilo to improve the quality and health of the skin.

Dr David Jack says: “As with most medical treatments, the key to success is having a complimentary armoury of treatments that can be done in synergy to improve the skin from different angles. As our knowledge of skin ageing and skin health increases, the value of bio-revitalisation treatments is becoming increasingly apparent. It is no longer just a case of using toxin to reduce wrinkles but using treatments that can improve the quality and health of the skin and help improve the skin from inside out. I’ve been using Morpheus8 and Profhilo together for a few years, using Morpheus8 to stimulate fractional dermal and subnormal remodelling and Profhilo to augment this process; in a safe and complimentary way.”

In Dr Jack’s protocol, two to three Morpheus8 treatments are performed four weeks apart with two Profhilo sessions in the weeks in between. Two weeks are left between each Morpheus8 and Profhilo treatment, and four weeks between each Profhilo appointment. “By spacing the treatments, the peak of fibroblast activation by each treatment is utilised to maximise collagen and elastin deposition,” explains Dr Jack.

Morpheus8 works to tighten loose skin, dissolve fat and stimulate collagen production simultaneously; for what is described as an overall refreshed, rejuvenated, tighter and younger looking result, reducing signs of ageing and scarring to leave the face plumper and tighter. Meanwhile, HA-based skinbooster Profhilo helps rebuild lost collagen and elastin in the dermis to smooth, plump and hydrate the skin.


This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine

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This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine