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Celluma Light Therapy

Nearly ten years ago, BioPhotas, the manufacturer of the award-winning Celluma SERIES of light therapy devices, was founded to bring the vast therapeutic benefits of low-level light therapy (LLLT) affordably and effectively to the world. To accomplish that vision, BioPhotas created an entirely new approach to LLLT. Instead of making a large piece of capital equipment with a rigid light panel and a high power output, a product paradigm borrowed from the photo dynamic therapy (PDT) world, the Celluma LED device was designed to be a flexible and shape-taking device that contoured closely to the area of treatment. This approach leverages the laws of optical physics, resulting in a dramatically less expensive device that still delivered an optimal dose of light energy.

With more than 35,000 devices in clinical practice, this innovative approach to light therapy has resulted in the Celluma SERIES being awarded more than 40 product and design awards since 2015, with a product line that now includes 13 different models registered for sale in 78 countries. Below is a brief summary of the last decade of Celluma achievements:

2011: Development begins on the Celluma PRO, the flagship product of the Celluma SERIES, ideally sized for contouring over the face, neck and décolleté, as well as running the length of the spine.

2013: Celluma becomes the first flexible and shape-taking LLLT device to receive FDA-clearance for treating a variety of aesthetic and pain conditions in a single machine.

2014: Researchers from the Beckman Laser Institute at the University of California publish multiple peer-reviewed studies using the Celluma to definitively identify the fundamental mechanism of action at play in LLLT and demonstrate that an LED device is equally efficacious as a surgical laser to promote cell proliferation and cell migration in dermal wound healing. The Celluma LITE, as smaller version of the Celluma PRO is introduced. 

2015: US and international patents are granted to BioPhotas related to the novelty of the Celluma’s flexible and shape-taking characteristics.

2016: The Celluma is medically CE-marked for all of its FDA-cleared indications for use and becomes the first LLLT device to be medical CE-marked for dermal wound healing.

2017: The Celluma receives FDA-clearance for treating “full-face” wrinkles on an over-the-counter basis. All of the Celluma’s indications for use have been granted on an OTC basis in the US and for at-home use in the UK and EU. 

2018: The Celluma POD, a smaller hand-held version of the Celluma PRO is introduced with all of the PRO’s regulatory credentials. 

2019: The Celluma PRO receives the Aesthetics Award for Product Innovation of the Year. The Celluma DELUX models are introduced for “full-body” treatment, again with the regulatory credentials as the Celluma PRO.

2020: The Celluma iPRO and iLITE are introduced, becoming the first battery-powered, professional size LED devices that are both FDAcleared and medically CE-marked, possessing the same efficacy and regulatory credentials as the rest of the Celluma SERIES. 

With continued clinical research and further innovations planned, there are so many Celluma from which to choose. Which is the right Celluma for you?

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This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine