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Dr Tapan Patel: Why I chose the Secret RF

Radiofrequency micro-needling treatments for skin rejuvenation have seen a surge in demand over recent months, with a number of high profile aesthetic brands releasing their own version of this innovative technology.

To find out more on these new devices, we caught up with the multi-award-winning director of Harley Street’s, PHI Clinic, Dr Tapan Patel, to find out why he chose to implement Cutera’s take on the technology in his practice.

Before we start, could you quickly explain how most RF microneedling devices work? 

“Sure. RF micro-needling does very much what it says on the tin. It uses a combination of two very well established treatments; micro-needling and radio frequency. The microneedles, in the case of Secret RF, deliver radiofrequency energy into varying levels of the skin, precisely to where treatment is most beneficial to the individual patient. This unique delivery of energy helps revitalise and regenerate the tissue without causing much trauma to the epidermis.”

What device did you chose to introduce at PHI Clinic? 

“After much consideration and analysis of the different RF microneedling devices available on the market, the device I felt offered my patients optimum comfort, safety profile and clinical results was the Cutera Secret RF. I have some experience using some of the older generation RF-micro-needling devices and it was always patient comfort and the associated downtime that presented the biggest challenges to this treatment option. At PHI, we only use the highest quality devices that ensure our patients undertake treatment that is both safe and that will deliver the best possible results achievable. For these reasons, the Secret RF was my natural choice.”

What were the main differences you saw in Secret RF vs. other options? 

“The Secret RF uses a unique combination of non-insulated and insulated tips to distribute energy evenly throughout the entire needle. Semi-insulated tips distribute 20% of the energy throughout the needle, and 80% at the tip. This helps target energy exactly where it is most needed, which enhances patient safety across all skin types and ensures optimum clinical outcomes.

“Some of our patients at PHI clinic have had treatment with other RF micro-needling devices and have reported that the Secret RF is by far the most comfortable they have been treated with. I myself have had treatment on other devices as well as the Secret RF, and I can testify that it is truly much more comfortable with less redness and swelling.

“Another nice feature of Secret RF is that it uses a unique and highly sophisticated motor mechanism, which allows the needles to be smoothly delivered – I am told with 100-micron precision – which therefore enhances patient comfort and safety by reducing unnecessary damage to the epidermis”.

Why do you think there is such demand for micro-needing RF in 2021? 

“Demand for treatments that offer considerable improvements in skin texture and appearance but that have minimal to no associated downtime are at an all-time high. The Secret RF is a device I believe will transform the way many practitioners approach the common signs of ageing, allowing them to now provide a dramatic improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and discoloration, without the downtime of more traditional, aggressive treatments, such as CO2 laser”. 

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This article appears in the January 2021 Issue of Aesthetic Medicine